Best Build for Playing The Division Solo

The Division is mostly about playing in a team. Playing with friends is more interesting and entertaining. But you don’t have to play with someone. If you wish to play alone you can do this. This guide will tell you about best build for playing The Division solo.


You may want to go with high Firearms and high Stamina. Electronics is not the best attribute for solo player. Though all the skills in the game are useful you will have to sacrifice too much damage or health for boosting it. Moreover, the skills have pretty lengthy cooldowns and limit your playstyle. It's better to have more health and weapon damage than stronger skills.

Solo Build

You should pay attention to Scavenger bonus. The higher Scavenger bonus you have the higher your chances to find better loot are.


SMG is a perfect choice for primary weapon slot. You can take any weapon you like as long as it is Submachine Gun. The reason to use this weapon is because all SMGs have increased critical hit chance. When an enemy is attacking you SMG will take him down very fast.

As you know weapons in the Division have talents. If you have an SMG with some fitting talents it’s great. But if the talents require you to put a lot into Electronics it’s better to leave the talent locked.

Submachine Gun (SMG)

Don’t forget to use attachments (mods). They may give you extra damage, critical hit chance and many other benefits.

Secondary weapon should be something you can use for long distance encounters. For example a Marksman Rifle will be a good choice. The mods you install is up to your preferences. If you like to deliver headshots you may want to go with something that increases headshot damage.  

There is a very good tip: you may try to find gear that heals you every time you kill enemy. It’s a very good bonus for solo activity.


  • First aid with Booster Shot mod. You may want to take Support station instead but on our opinion this skill is for playing in a team when allies can also benefit from your ability.
  • Turret with Zapper moe. The turret shots electrical darts that shock and damage multiple enemies. The turret has an advantage over bombs. When you drop turret it attracts attention of enemies distracting them. They start attacking it and you have time to heal yourself or destroy them fast.
  • Survival Link increases damage resistance and speed of the user. Having 80% damage reduction and 30% movement speed bonus for 15 seconds is great. These bonuses will help you to survive in most difficult situations.


  • Fear Tactics: if you stun someone there is a chance that nearby enemies will also be stunned. It works great with stun turret. If you go with fire turret select Wildfire talent instead of Fear Tactics.
  • Tech Support: extends duration of all active skills when you kill enemies. It’s great for the turrets.
  • On The Move: reduces incoming damage by 30% if you kill enemy while moving. It isn’t the best talent for sniper but when you use SMG you usually move left or right to avoid attacks.
  • Stopping Power: every time you suppress target the talent increases headshot damage.

This build is mostly for PvE. That’s because best solo strategy in Dark Zone PvP is to find another solo player and teal up with him. There is no build for PvP that can make you really strong against a group of players. The NPC enemies in dark zone are stronger and their strength doesn’t scale to 1 player. They are for resisting groups. We don’t say that it’s impossible to survive in DZ alone, but it’s difficult.

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