Blade and Soul Auction House: Full Guide

Auction House is a very important part of Blade and Soul gameplay. It allows players to trade. If you wish to upgrade gear, purchase enchants, food, potions, crafting materials and rare items you can go to auction and get all the stuff there.

All the auction houses in North American region are linked between each other! All the items you list can be purchased by all players. This makes the market more useful and alive. But with large number of customers you need to act fast. If you wish to purchase something don’t wait – do it. Large number of buyers makes the market more competitive. If you don’t purchase what you wish it may disappear before you arrive next time.


The interface of Marketplace is pretty standard. There are 3 tabs: Buy, Sell and My Bids. The Buy tab contains all listed stuff. Sell tab allows to list new something. My Bids contains all the stuff you are currently bidding on.

The most impressive difference of BnS interface from other games’ marketplaces is that a player can see detailed statistics of price and trade volume changes over time!

When you register a new item for selling you receive access to detailed statistics of price fluctuations and sales volume. You can see how price of the item changed over passed day, week and month. You can also change the view of data. For example you can see graphics of sales with prices and volume.

Auction House

These tools are extremely useful for dedicated traders. They allow exploring market fast and will help you to choose the best price for the stuff you wish to sell. You no longer need to explore the listings and search for similar items in order to find out the optimal price. You have all the data available right into your selling interface!

This statistics are available for both sellers and buyers. Every buyer can see price and volume fluctuation too. This tool allows buyer to make a decision about purchase. He can see if current price is optimal for purchase.

The interface of Blade and Soul marketplace is a dream that came true! Every seller and every buyer will definitely love how it works and how the data is displayed. Sellers can set optimal price. Buyers can make optimal decisions.


Every player has access to the Marketplace regardless his subscription status. The only restriction is that you must be 15th level in order to list items.

There is also a daily limit on how many items you can list per day. Non-premium members can have 10 simultaneous orders for sale. They can also sell maximum 10 items per day. If you wish to get better terms for trading you will have to purchase Premium account. The best terms that Premium subscription offers are 15 simultaneous orders and 100 daily listings.

When you list something for selling you will have to pay listing fee. This fee depends on the time period of your listing. 6 hours is cheaper than 24.


After you make a purchase you receive instant notification about this. You don’t need to wait. You have two options of withdrawing purchased stuff: instantly from any place (you will pay for this delivery) or you can go to the nearest mail box and withdraw purchased stuff for free. Paid option works great if you need the item right now and you don’t want to wait. It will be delivered to any part of the world.


Some players complain that they can’t make a purchase if the price of item is much lower than usually. They think that bots monitor the market and purchase items with such prices for reselling. In most cases that’s wrong. Of course there may be bots… But don’t forget that all the servers in one region have the same Auction House. Large number of people search for profitable deals. If the price of an item is too low compared to its usual price – the item will be purchased fast because it’s in the top of the list and the price is too attractive! You are not the only buyer and you have to compete against large number of other players. That’s why you may fail when you wish to purchase something at a very attractive price.

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