Blade and Soul Best Class: PvP and PvE

The question about selecting best class in Blade and Soul is asked very often. All players want to dominate and are looking for the best archetype for this. Read the guide in order to find out which archetype is the best for playing certain roles.

The first thing you must understand: player roles in BnS are not strict. In most MMO games player selects a class and receives role automatically. For example if you select Rogue in WoW you will have to be a damage dealer all the time. You will not be able to heal allies.

But there are no dedicated Healers, Tanks and DPS in Blade and Soul. All characters have independency, can deal damage and heal themselves.

  • Tanks: The mechanism of dungeons is not based on Tanking mechanics when a player takes all the agro of a boss and tries to keep it. In Blade and Soul boss will start attacking you after you deal certain amount of damage and you will have to resist his attacks for some time. There are no tanks. Any player must have enough skills for resisting attacks.
  • Healers: there are no dedicated healers. All players can heal themselves with consumables. Some classes have more self-healing potential than others but anyway all players can heal themselves. In most situations player has to take care about his health pool himself.
  • Damage Dealers: all the archetypes can deal damage. Some are great for single target DPS others are great when it comes to AoE. Some deal physical damage and some have magical-based attacks.

Though there are no strict roles, each class has its own unique characteristics that make him better for this or that playstyle. The list below contains all classes with detailed description of possibilities and preferred roles.


Assassin is the Rogue of BnS. He is the only who can use stealth. He relies on surprise attacks and hidden movements. If you like to appear from nowhere, kill and disappear Assassin is for you. He deals great damage to single target. 

The only disadvantage is low defense. Assassin can’t stay for long in face to face combat against multiple enemies.


If you want to select this role, you have to pay a lot of attention to when to attack.



Low AoE potential.

Blade Dancer

Blade Dancer has cool Area of Effect skills which allow him to damage multiple enemies. It’s a good choice for those who like AoE attacks.


He is great for both melee and ranged fights. It’s a mixture of RDD and melee fighter.

The main disadvantage is low single target DPS. If you like to be perfect in 1 vs 1 encounters don’t go with Blade Dancer.

Blade Master

Blade Master is a melee warrior who relies on his ability to evade and parry attacks. If you go with Blade Master you will feel comfortable fighting against enemies with high burst, for example against Assassins. The evasion and parry abilities allow Blade master to survive in such encounters.


Has good single target DPS.

The main disadvantage is low armor value. It’s difficult to be a tank.


Blade Master also requires player to be attentive. You have to pay attention to when to use each skill. Blade Master is rather difficult to master.


Destroyer is a Tank archetype of Blade and Soul. He has high level of defense and bunch of controlling abilities which allow him to play in the center of battlefield. He is great for those players who like to stay in the middle of the fight attracting enemies’ attention and stunning them.

The main disadvantage of Destroyer is that he is rather slow and has low single target DPS. If you wish to deal tons of damage Destroyer is not for you.

Force Master

Force Master is a mage archetype. The class deals damage with magic and has several controlling abilities. Controlling skills is the main weapon of Force Master. If you know how to play you can help your group a lot.

The main disadvantage is low defense. You need to pay a lot of attention to the position your character on battlefield.


Force Master uses a lot of RDD skills and you need o kite enemies carefully. He will always be a target for hostile assassins. 

Kung-Fu Master

Kung-Fu Master is a melee single target DPS archetype. He has high single target damage, evasion and speed. If you master all the skills and use them in time you will be able to dominate.

The main disadvantage is that Kung-Fu Master requires skilled player. He is difficult to control and you will have to spend time before you master charcter fully. He is known as the most difficult class in Blade and Soul.


He has low AoE potential. 


Summoner relies on help of his pets in battle. Most of hiss skills are ranged which allows him to kite enemies from distance while the pet will be tanking. He is relatively easy to control. If you wish an easy gameplay – it’s for you.

The disadvantage is low overall damage rating. Summoner doesn’t belong to top damage dealers. If you wish to deal a lot of damage this archetype is not for you.

Player versus Player (PvP)

Blade and Soul allows you to fight against other players and that’s why many players ask about the best class for PvP. That’s a tough question to answer. Game patches bring new updates to balance every time. That’s why there are no best or worst PvP archetypes.

How to select best PvP archetype? We recommend to focus on selecting class that fits your playstyle. If you can show best performance with Assassin – select it and use. All archetypes have potential for killing enemies with one combo in different situations. But a player must know how and when to use the skills. You must understand strengths and weaknesses of your character. Otherwise you will not be able to dominate.

Blade and Soul is a game where your playing skills are important. If you know and understand your character you will be able to succeed in PvP.

Player versus Environment (PvE)

The best PvE class is also difficult to select. That’s because when you play in a group your group must have different specialists. Someone must have AoE skills, someone must have high single target DPS and so on. There must be different players with different roles.

Many players like Assassins for solo play because he has stealth ability. This ability allows to skip monsters if you don’t want to fight with them. Anyway all classes are great for solo play.

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