Blade and Soul: How to Join and Change Faction?

The main aim of the player in Blade and Soul is to create a character and then explore the world. Just like other MMO you can also fight against other players and Faction system plays very important role in this process. This guide will tell you about how to join and change faction in Blade and Soul.

Alliances are created to give players reason to confront each other. They are basically formed by the corresponding outfits worn which make them a part of the alliance. Players of one side can only attack the players of a rival side. They earn Prestige points for this which may be contributed towards the side you belong. The two most popular and largest factions in the game are the Cerulean Order and the Crimson Legion.

Why important?

Your faction choice is very important because it affects your possibility to join certain guild. You can become a member of particular guild if you belong to the same faction as other members of this guild. In other words a guild can be formed by members of the same alliance only! If you want to join specific guild make sure you select proper faction.

How to Join Faction?

When you start playing you don’t belong to any side. You can select your side in Bamboo Village. You will visit this location in early stage of the game.

You will have a side quest called “The Call of the Warring Factions” This quest offers two options: Speak with Hansu to join Cerulean Order or speak with Sansu to become member of Crimson Legion. After you speak with one of these NPCs you will become member of certain alliance. As you see it’s simple. The game will guide you towards this point. Just play and enjoy.

Joining Faction

Once you have joined you receive special uniform. If you wear this uniform, players of enemy side can attack you. This is similar to PvP flag in other MMOS. If you don’t want to PvP all you need is to unequip the uniform.

Can’t join…

Sometimes there may be situations when you can’t join the faction you wish because it is “overpopulated”. There are too many members in it compared to the second side. If this is the case you will see following alert: “The Faction is superior in number. You may not join or defect to this alliance at this time”.

The only thing to do is to wait until somebody joins the other side and both will become equal in numbers. It may take several minutes or longer. Everything depends on the total online and server population. All you need to refresh status is to stop the dialogue and start talking to the recruiter NPC again. Repeat this until your desired faction has free space.

How to Change Faction?

Sometimes, people choose a certain side but want to switch to another one as they feel that it is not right for them. If this is the case it is possible to switch. All you need for this is to find Faction Changer NPC. You can identify this NPC by icon which is the half the color of both the rivals uniform. One of these NPCs is located at the top of the hill in Jadestone.

  • This procedure is not free. You will have to pay some silver for this.
  • You will also be asked to type “Change” word as confirmation. Make sure you type it with capital letter C. It’s case sensitive.

There is one thing you should know: You can only change to a faction when there are some open spots in there. You cannot join an already filled up alliance, you might have to wait until spots open up.

Changing Faction

Changing faction will reset your faction quests and Contribution points. You will have to start your progress from scratch. You will also receive a temporary penalty which will prevent you from switching for some time.

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