Blade and Soul: Introduction

Blade and Soul is an MMO game about Chinese martial arts. It was launched in Asia four years ago and now the game is finally ready for European audience. The game is a mixture of fighting and MMO genres. If you like Chinese style games this MMO is definitely worth trying.

Blade and Soul is developed by NC Soft. This company is famous for Lineage II, Aion and Wildstar MMOs. The company has a lot of experience in building worlds for MMO players.

The game offers you every type of activity you can meet in other MMO games: quests, beautiful world, dungeons, crafting and so on. The game also offers PvP.



You are one of the students in martial arts academy. This academy trains warriors for fighting against evil. This war lasts for many years and you are one of the warriors who will continue the fight. But suddenly your academy is attacked and your friends are killed. Your goal is to revenge.

Some players say that the story is great, some don’t like it. But anyway you are free to try everything yourself.


The game is developed by NC Soft. This company is famous for Aion and Lineage and as you know these games are for grinders. You will also have to grind in Blade and Soul. But quests will help you to level much faster. Killing enemies and questing are main sources of Experience. The quests are not too different. Sometimes you will have to kill X mobs, sometimes gather items in the area.

The game rewards players for playing in a group. If your teammates have the same quest they will receive the same quest item from mob. Moreover, chances to find good loot also grow when you play with friends.

Most of the locations and quests are straightforward. You will not have to think about where to go and where to find quests. The game will guide you and you will always have something to do. On the one hand that’s good, on the other that’s not.


As many other MMOs, Blade and Soul offers you to visit dungeons. They have different size and the largest are the most interesting. Fighting with bosses requires acting together. Different classes have different abilities and they give the best result when players combine them. For example you can be an Assassin and use a mine to knock down the boss. But it will not work until Kung Fu Master knocks him down with his special skill. He will have little time for this and if he doesn’t do it in time the boss will not be knocked down. That’s how teaming works. If you do everything in time you will have less troubles and will be able to defeat enemies faster.


There are 2 different factions in the game. You will have to select which faction you wish to join. In the second chapter you will be offered to select a side and this is where all the fun begins. The factions give players quests with opposite goals. For example one faction gives quest to escort an NPC to a certain location while representatives of other faction receive quest with objective to kill this NPC. As you see there will be a fight between players. Such quests may sometimes be difficult to finish but that’s funny.


Like many other MMO games Blade and soul has crafting system. There are 2 groups of professions: one allows to produce items while the others allow to gather materials. There are 7 production and 7 gathering specializations in total. One character can master 2 professions for producing items and 2 gathering professions. You can change your specialization any time but the progress within the profession you abandon will be lost.

Gathering in Blade and Soul is different from what you can see in other MMO games. In other MMOs you need to search for the resources every time you need them. But in BnS you need to discover the resource only once. Then you can make a special order and … just wait. Your order will be completed in some time and the resource will be delivered. Unfortunately you will have to pay for this. At early stage you will have to pay with copper coins while later stages will require silver…

As you see the system is rather unusual. On the one hand it opens opportunities for those who don’t like to gather. On the other hand paying for gathering is strange… It is very similar to purchasing the resources from in-game NPC vendor.

As you see Blade and Soul is rather interesting game. If you don’t hate anime style you should definitely try this MMO. It offers good quests, crafting and PvP. You will spend a lot of happy hours playing it.

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