Blade and Soul Radiant Ring: Progression and Gold Farming

Radiant Ring is one of crafting professions in Blade and Soul. It’s also called jewelry or jewel crafting. It allows to craft different rings, earrings, keys and gems. This profession is one of the best in the game for gold farming.

If you wish to select Radiant Ring as your core specialization we recommend master Stonecutters gathering profession. It will supply you with different stones: Sandstone, Granite and Marble. You will need them for most of the jewel crafting recipes.


Rings and Earrings are pretty useless. You can craft them for your own or for sale but you will not receive too much gold for this. The reason you may want to go with this profession is mainly for the gems. This specialization produces the best gems and they are in demand. The only problem is that they are random.

For example if you craft Brilliant Hexagonal Diamond Pouch you will get a brilliant diamond but with random attributes. You can receive a really good or really bad brilliant diamond. Everything depends on your luck. If you receive great gem in the beginning that’s great!


You may also want to select the profession because of keys. But the problem is that you (and other players) can get them by completing daily quests. If you wish to go with Radiant Ring just for making keys it’s a bad idea. On the other hand you may select this profession for making keys if you don’t like daily quests…

Farming gold with Radiant Ring

This profession has rather good money making potential.. Many players consider it as the best specialization for farming gold. That’s mainly because of gems. They are pretty expensive and you can craft them for sale. But as it was said earlier everything depends on your luck. If you are lucky enough you will be able to earn a lot of money.

Crafting gems requires a lot of resources but the possible reward definitely worth it. If you receive good gem at middle stages of the game you may get a lot of gold.

You can also try to sell keys and jewelry, but it’s not the best way to become rich. Keys and jewelry is easy to find in the game and they will not bring you lots of gold. It’s better to focus on creating gems and put all the efforts into this.

How to Join and Leave?

You need to find Chonbo in Jadestone Village. He is rather easy to find, all you need is to open the map. Guild house will be marked there. Visit the guild house, talk to the NPC and accept his offer.

How to leave Radiant Ring? Open your jewel crafting menu and find “Leave Guild” button in the top right part. Don’t forget that if you leave any crafting guild in Blade and Soul you lose all the progress you have already achieved within this profession. If you decide to return, you will have to start from early beginning. That’s why think twice before leaving the guild.

“I can’t leave Radiant Ring! What to do?” This question is sometimes asked by players who can’t exit the guild. The reason the leave button is not active is because you have uncompleted order for this guild. Wait until the order is finished or cancel it and the button will become active.

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