Crafting in Blade and Soul: Full Guide

Crafting in Blade and Soul is important. It allows to produce useful items. But the production system in this game differs from what you can see in most MMO games. This guide will tell you all the information about how to produce in BnS.

There are 14 crafting professions in the game: 7 for crafting and 7 for gathering. A character can master 2 professions from every category. You can’t master more professions and become specialist everywhere. You will have to select specialization.

In order to select a profession you need to find a certain NPC and join the guild. Here is a list of all crafting guilds in the game:

  • Silver Cauldron – Similar to alchemy in other MMOs. You can produce healing potions, antidotes and healing kits. You can make 2 types of potions: with instant healing effect (long cooldown) and over time healing (short cooldown).
  • Earthseers – This guild can produce town scrolls, unsealing scrolls (required for gear identification), and different Revival Charms which allow to revive friends.
  • Merry Potters - Provide materials such as; pickaxe, jars, bowls, and refining materials.
  • Acquired Taste – this profession is similar to cooking. The food recovers your health over time when you don’t fight.
  • Soul Wardens – you can create Transformation Stones for equipment transformation. Also can produce Soul Shield Plate which you can use to fuse with main soul shield to get extra stats
  • Forgekeepers – similar to Blacksmithing in other MMO games. You can create Repair Tools, Swords, Staves, Gauntlets, Axes, Bangles, Lynblades, Daggers, Enchanted Daggers, Toolboxes.
  • Radiant Ring – similar to jewel crafting. Allows to produce Keys for unlocking chests and treasure chests, also produce Gems and polished Stones.

You can master the profession by joining the guild. Every guild has representatives in Jadestone Village and it’s easy to find them. All you need to join a guild is to talk to a certain NPC. After joining the guild you receive opportunity to creaft.

Jadestone Village

Gathering Materials

Gathering Professions allow to order resources that are used in crafting. Yes, not to gather but to ORDER. Gathering mechanics in Blade and Soul differs from what you can see in other MMO games. You don’t need to search for the nodes and harvest materials. All you need is to find the material once. You will be offered a quest that will teach you how to gather this type of resources. After the quest is finished you will be allowed to order this resource from the guild.

Ordering materials is not free. The guild will gather resources for you but you will have to pay for this. Such mechanics is unusual and it’s pretty similar to purchasing resources from NPC vendors.

When you place an order you will have to wait before the guild completes it.On the one hand that’s not good. For example it will take the guild 30 minutes to gather 10 Raspberries for you. On the other hand you can use this time for PvP or other useful activity. After the order is done you will get notification and will be able to withdraw the resources.

Is it possible to avoid ordering and gather resources by yourself? No, you can’t harvest nodes yourself. You need to order resources from guilds. That’s how crafting mechanics works in this game.

Here is a list of all gathering guilds:

  • Herbside Service – Allows to gather herbs and Flowers. Herbs are required for Silver Cauldron recipes while flowers are required by Earthseers.
  • Green Thumbs – Allows to gather Soil (for Merry Potters) and Crops (for Acquired Taste)
  • Tree Fellers – Allows to gther Wood (for Soul Wardens ) and Sap (for Merry Potters)
  • Trapper's Alliance – Allows to gather Meat (for Acquired Taste / Cooking) and Bones (for Soul Wardens)
  • Fish Network – Allows to gather Shells (for Earthseers) and Fish oil (for Silver Cauldron)
  • Stonecutters – Allows to produce Stones (for Radiant Ring) and Rare Stones (for Forgekeepers)
  • Prospector's Union – Allows to produce Ores (for Forgekeepers) and Rare Ores (for Radiant Ring)

As you see every gathering profession fits certain crafting specializations. That’s why it’s better to select the professions that work together. You will have more opportunities for creating items yourself. Blade and Soul doesn’t allow you to master all the gathering professions and even if you wish to be a dedicated gatherer you will still be able to master 2 crafting specializations.

Creating an Item

In most MMO games you need to find crafting station in order to create something. In Blade and Soul you don’t need any crafting stations. You just need to open special interface and order item. Yes, you don’t craft the items yourself; you order them from the guilds. It's similar to ordering resources. It takes time for the guild to create an item for you and you will have to wait from 30 minutes up to one day. You don’t receive the result instantly.

Crafting Interface

The guild doesn’t craft for free. You will have to pay for that. That’s the biggest difference of BnS from other MMO games. The payment differs according to the level of the item you wish to create. Some low level items are cheap while high level items are much more expensive.  

When the item you ordered is ready you will see special icon in the bottom part of your screen. Click it and you will be able to withdraw it. It will be delivered to any part of the world.

Crafting Progression

Crafting leveling system is straightforward. When you receive completed order you also get certain number of Guild Points for particular guild. The more you craft within one profession the faster you level it. There is one clear reason to progress: you receive access to new recipes and resources.  

Changing Specialization

As you already know there is a restriction: any character can master 2 production and 2 gathering professions. What if you made a wrong choice? You can always respec. It’s possible to change specialization but if you get rid of the specialization you will lose all the progress within it. That’s why it’s recommended to think twice before doing this.

How to change specialization? All you need is to leave the guild the profession belongs to. You can do it from crafting interface.

Leaving Guild

Many players tell that they can’t leave the guild because the button is not active. That’s probably because they have work in progress crafting order. If you have active order you can’t leave the guild until the order is finished!


  • Use Notifications. If you switch on Gathering notifications you will be informed about the end of gathering process in advance. This will allow you to plan your time. Here is how to switch the notifications.


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