Dark Zone Funds: How to earn?

Earning credits is important in The Division mostly because it allows to purchase new gear. When you collect enough currency you can change equipment of your character and make him stronger. There are 2 different types of funds in The Division: Dollars and Dark Zone Funds. That’s because the game is divided into 2 main areas: PvE and PvP and currencies for these sections are different.

Division Dollars are used for purchasing different stuff from traders outside of PvP area. Such traders accept only this currency. They sell pretty nice equipment but if you wish to purchase awesome gear you need to go to PvP area.

Dark Zone Funds are used inside Dark Zone only! This type of currency is more difficult to obtain but it’s much more beneficial. That’s because DZ Vendors have much better items for selling. If you compare assortment of vendors in PvE and PvP zones you will see that traders in PvP zone offer stronger items with higher rarity level. You will be able to find High End equipment at their stores.

Dark Zone Funds

How to Earn?

All Vendors in PvP area accept only DZ Funds! That means you can’t use your Division Dollars for purchasing items from their stores. You need to have special Dark Zone Credits in order to trade with them.

These Credits can be earned inside DZ only! You can’t get this currency somewhere else. This is a reward for different actions in PvP location and you will have to enter DZ if you wish to get this type of currency.

But how do you earn it? There are several ways:

  • Completing missions. It’s one of the most obvious ways of getting rich. You receive reward for every quest you complete. The mechanism is the same to what you see in PvE locations. You accept the mission, complete it and get the money.
  • Killing NPCs. When you kill an NPC you get reward for this.
  • Killing other Agents. As you know DZ is an area where you can kill other players. Every time you kill someone you receive special Experience that boosts your Rank and cash reward.
  • Killing Rogue Agents. Rogues are hostile agents who kill other players. They are dangerous and killing them is a good way to earn some cash. When you kill a Rogue you get Rank and special bounty. The higher the stage of the Rogue the more money you get for killing him. When you defeat rogue with 5th stage you receive maximum reward.
  • Selling Stuff. Every DZ Vendor can purchase your stuff. If you have something to sell you can do this.

Trading With Players – Possible?

Many Division fans are asking about trading. Is it possible to trade with other players and receive Funds? Right now it’s not. You can’t trade with other guys. Maybe this feature will be added in future updates.

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