Dark Zone Vendors and Their Locations

The Division is all about getting better gear because your equipment affects your power a lot. There are several ways to get new items: find them, loot them from NPCs or other players, craft or purchase from Vendors. This article will tell you everything about Trading.

The first thing you should know is that there are different types of vendors in the game: Regular Vendors and Dark Zone Vendors. The core difference between them is that they sell items with different powers and they accept different currencies! In depth description of differences between these 2 types of traders can be found below.

Regular Vendors

Regular Vendors are located only in PvE zones of the game. You can't find them in Dark Zone. They accept simple Credits you earn from simple missions or find somewhere. This currency is relatively easy to get. All you need is to explore the world and complete missions. Here are the places where you can find such traders:

  • Base of Operations: you will meet your first trader when you enter Base of Operations. There are 3 NPCs who sell weapons, gear and mods. They sell only green low level stuff. These traders are useful at early stages of the game and they may help you with initial gearing.
  • Vendors in Safe Houses have much better items. They can offer you items with higher rarity and higher level requirements. Such gear is much better and will increase strength of your character.

Every item in the game has Level Requirement. Pay attention to this when you make a purchase. If your level is not high enough, you will have you wait until you reach required level. Untill this you will not be able to equip the item.


Dark Zone Vendors

Traders in Base of Operations and Safe Houses are helpful but if you wish to buy something really cool you will have to go to the Dark Zone. It’s PvP area in The Division where players can confront each other. Dark Zone Vendors offer much better gear!

But before you go there you should know that you need special currency: Dark Zone Credits. This currency can be earned within Dark Zone only. The mechanism of earning this type of money is the same: you need to complete different missions, explore PvP area, kill NPCs, kill Rogue Players and so on.

There is one more thing you should pay attention to: every item of Dark Zone Vendors have Rank requirement! Rank is NOT your Level! Dark Zone Rank is an independent scale that shows the amount of the experience you have earned in the DZ. You may have 21st regular level and 30th DZ Rank!

Dark Zone Vendor

DZ rank affects the assortment of items you can purchase. Every item of DZ Trader has Rank requirement and if you meet the requirement you are able to purchase it. If your rank is not high enough – go and boost the Rank. But don’t forget that DZ rank can increase or decrease depending on your success in PvP.

Rank requirement matters only when you purchase the item!!! After you have purchased it you can use it anytime regardless charges of your DZ rank.

Items, purchased from the DZ Vendors are not contaminated. They are clean and you can use them right after purchasing. Extraction is not required for such gear.

As you see you will have to PvP in order to be able to use Dark Zone traders. This may seem unfair for some players who hate such encounters, but that’s the rule of the game.

There are 2 types of Dark Zone Vendors:

  • NPCs at DZ entrance. There are 2 ways to get into the DZ: to climb a wall or to use special entrance. The second variant is great if you wish to meet NPC trader. These traders offer cool DZ items with high level and rank requirements and high level of rarity (usually Purple).
  • Traders in Safe Rooms – Safe room works similar to safe house, but it’s just for your team. Traders in safe rooms sell High End (Yellow) gear. This gear has perfect characteristics and it’s much more expensive than other. If you wish to buy the best items in the game you need to look for these vendors.

Vendor Loactions

The location of all DZ Vendors will be added later.


Each trader has Restock timer. The timer can be seen above trader’s name and it shows the time left before the assortment of current trader will be refreshed! Yes, the assortment is not permanent. It’s very important! If you wish to purchase an item you’d better pay attention to that timer. When you come back later you may not find the item you wish to buy.


  • Dark Zone Vendors and Vendors in other locations require different currency! Keep this in mind.
  • If you wish to purchase something – do it. Assortment of the traders is not permanent!

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