Destiny 2 Lore Leviathan Raid Ending Explained!

Upon my ship, I have prepared a welcome befittingan emperor’s champion! I have baths and gardens, arenas and halls,arsenals of arms and armor, libraries of legends and documents, specimens, treasures, beaststo slay, games to quicken the heart or stimulate the circuitry or whatever you please. But most of all, I have prepared tests. For I offer to you the worthy a place at myside. Welcome back guardians, today we are discussingthe ending of the Leviathan raid in Destiny 2. Obviously, without saying there will be spoilersin this video, and the raid does add information to Destiny 2’s story, so leave now, youhave been warned. SO, I am going to explain in the raid, whythe boss you fight at the end of the raid is not the real Calus and why there is anarea full of other Calus robots. Towards the end of this video, I will alsospeak how Calus is linked with the Hive, the worms and the Ahamkara.

Feel free to check out my patreon if you wouldlike to support the destiny lore comic books produced for the channel, the link is below. All donations go towards the artwork. This is myelin games and I hope you enjoythis latest destiny 2 lore episode. [INTRO]The Destiny 2 Collectors edition book is written as an invitation from the exiled Cabal EmperorCalus. The invitation is quite clear with the purposeof the Leviathan raid and provides justification to why there are so many Calus Robots. Calus invites you to destroy those who betrayedhim, those who exiled him to the Leviathan with a military coup and of course, that listincludes Ghaul and the Consul. The invitation is also an offering to joinforces with Calus if guardians complete a set of tasks, firstly they must enact hisrevenge by killing those who betrayed him and secondly they must survive the trialsupon the Leviathan.

The opening of the invitation reads as follows,They would have killed me, but I was too beloved and too glorious. So they sent me away into resplendent exileupon this Grand Leviathan. And from that exile I call on you, the brave,to execute my justice upon the traitors. Save the Cabal from grey enslavement. Join me in my search for the glorious andabsolute powers of the universe! Bring me the end of my enemies, and proveyourself worthy of the prize Ghaul will never claim. True power. True purpose. These things I offer you, and weapons, andknowledge, and glory.

I have pulverised moons into beautiful ringsof ruin! I have snuffed out stars to improve the harmonyof the constellations! Think of the monuments I can make for you. I promise you everything. All I ask is death. The invitation continues and goes onto nameeach of the traitors who betrayed emperor Calus removing him from his throne and exilinghim to the leviathan. One of the traitors is even his Daughter. By the way, the book seems to suggest thatfemale cabal have tusks, as both pictures of female cabal have tusks! After naming each of the traitors that leadthe military coup against Emperor Calus, Calus ends the invitation with this,Should You succeed.

Destiny 2 Lore Leviathan Raid Ending Explained!

Those are the names of the traitors. May I never hear those names again. Not until the day when you, oh brave supplicant,come to claim your reward. And such reward! I promise that your name will be envied evenin the bright heart of the galaxy, where the stars are thick as honey. Upon my ship, I have prepared a welcome befittingan emperor’s champion! I have baths and gardens, arenas and halls,arsenals of arms and armor, libraries of legends and documents, specimens, treasures, beaststo slay, games to quicken the heart or stimulate the circuitry or whatever you please. But most of all, I have prepared tests. For I offer to you the worthy a place at myside. So, that is why we are invited to the Leviathan,we defeat Ghaul in the campaign, therefore fulfilling the first aspect of the invitation,i.e.

defeating those who betrayed Calus (by the way the story of the other traitors aretold through the raid item descriptions), so we then enter the Leviathan and must completeCalus’s trials in order to prove our worth, in order to join his side. So, the most simplistic reason to why thereare many Calus Robots at the end of the Raid, is that Calus runs this same trial with manymany different species, he constantly tests different species to see if they are worthyto join his army… and what better motivation to force participation in his games otherthan threatening to eat your home world. Your forced upon participating in Calus’strial, through fear of the Leviathan consuming your planet. So who has Calus done this too before? Well many different species, and in fact theraid gear Boots of the Fulminator refer to Calus’s troops as “multispecies”. In addition, the Gauntlets of Rull actuallydescribe another species called the Clipse who faced the Leviathan and their greatestwarrior Rull, who survived was offered to join Calus. The item reads,The greatest warriors of the Clipse lay dead. They formed a bloody trail through the Leviathan. Only Rull had lived to see the throne room.

Calus calmly sipped his wine and consideredRull from the height of his golden seat. «Are you hungry?» Rull stared dumbfounded, bleeding and exhausted. He didn't know what to make of a creaturethat would casually offer sustenance and slaughter in equal measure. «I offer you a warrior's paradise, Rull ofthe Clipse. Join me, and be counted among the lucky fewthat might see the end of this world.» What could Rull do but accept? The invitation from the Collectors editionwould go on to say how Calus formed an alliance, and I use the term alliance very loosely becausemost seemed forced into it, but it speaks about how he formed an alliance with the Clipseand a number of other species. The best example of this is a section in theinvitation where Calus is speaking with the Psion Savant, Freeborn Otzot.

The invitation reads,She said, “Is this not Calus’s new Empire, an Empire of achievement? Can’t the Psions grow fat in thought, asyou grow fat with power?” I said, you have a deal! I name you Imperial Dreamer, and you willhave all that you need. All of us are stronger when we join handsin song – Cabal and Psion, Sindu and Clipse, Arkborn and all the others. In the case of the Clipse, it seems like theyfaced the Leviathan like we did, with Rull the only survivor. However, it also seems like some other specieswere offered an alliance without completing the Leviathan. Freeborn Otzot the Psion Savant is the bestexample of this. This psion reconstructed a machine known asthe “Clairvoyant OXA machine”, which seems to allow Psions to gleam into the future and/orthe past.

Upon realising that this Psion was able toreconstruct this machine, Calus offered the Psion a place in his army, have a listenCenturies after we destroyed the Pisons’ clairvoyant OXA machine, word reached me thatit had been rebuilt on the Moon of Brand. The Evocate-General sent her ships to bombthe moon. In my imperial forgivenesss, I stopped herships. I asked myself: who but a true genius couldreconstruct the OXA? Who but a Psion who craved the OXA’s powerto see the unseen? Surely we could use that mind! I invited the builder to join me at a fetein her honor. She was called Otzot, freeborn Psion, andshe glowed with the power of her thoughts. So, in Calus’s exile he appears to be recruitingthe biggest badest galactic monsters to join his force, and in his travellers there isalso a hint that he came across the Hive, the worms and potentially encountered theAhamkara. In the invitation in the collectors book,Calus describes how he used the OXA machine to learn the story of the Hive, have a listen,Let me tell you a story from the OXA machine.

Once upon a time, a small people lived ona dangerous world. By nature they were petty and fearful. But they strove to be better, and togetherthey overcame their fear. Unto these people came a king, who said, “Weare surrounded by enemies, we are weak and frail.

But I have an answer. Eat these larvae, my people, and with theirstrength we will rise up.” Whenever anyone protested the king, the kingsaid, “Are you working with our enemies? No? Then why are you afraid of our strength?” Thus the king led the great people into slaveryto their own fear. Ghaul will do the same.” Without doubt this is the story of the Oryxand the Hive. If you do not know, the Hive made a symbioticbond with the worm gods and introduced worm larvae to their bodies, prior to this, theywere at the bottom of the food chain on the planet the fundament. The worm larvae to the Hive, are what Ghostsare to Guardians. The Worm gods are an agent of the Darkness,just like the Traveler is an agent of the Light, the worm larvae are an extension ofthe Worm gods, just like ghosts are an extension of the traveler. The most interesting thing about this partof the invitation, is that Calus understands the consequence of the worm bargain, the kinglead the great people into slavery, when Oryx made the deal with the worm gods he forcedhis kind into slavery, because they were forced to continue killing in order to feed theirworms, and if they did not feed their worms, the worms would consume them. It seems like Calus understood this, and onceagain this reinforces the power of the OXA machine created by the psions.

I really really wanted Calus to actually becontrolled by Oryx’s sister, Savathun, who I believe to be the current leader of theTaken. There is actually some evidence for and againstthis, the main evidence against this is that Calus talks so negatively about the worm bargain. Have a listen to the end of the invitationagain, where I think Calus disagrees with what the Hive did to gain power, it reads,I say this to you, oh champion mine, and I say it from my heart: there are those whowould bargain away their souls just to live a little longer. I am not them. Life must be worth living.

Life must be lovely and delicious and enviablysweet! Nothing has ever lived that will not die,so what matters is how we use our time… Whilst I think you could interpret this paragraphas Calus not agreeing with the worm bargain, some may argue that Calus’s language hintsthat he is being controlled by Savathun, Oryx’s sister, or maybe even that Calus no longerlives, and the Savathun in all her trickery is using Calus Robots. The main reason for this is the use of thewords, “oh champion mine” and “Nothing has ever lived that will not die”. Oh Champion mine is the same phrasing usedin the Books of Sorrows when talking about the Worms for example in Verse 1:5 The Needleand the Worm, Savathun, Oryx’s sister, gains possession of a white worm. This worm belonged to her father, the OsmiumKing. The white worm is dead, however it speaksto her and says, “listen closely, oh vengeance mine…” The dead worm would later guide the threesisters to discover the ship Needle and consequently lead the sisters to discover their Worm godson the Fundament.

Does the use of “oh champion mine” indicatethat Calus has also formed a pact with the worms, it surely would explain all the wormlike symbols on the Leviathan. The second quote, nothing has ever lived thatwill not die, is directly from the Crota raid weapon, Fang of Ir Yut, Ir Yut being a deathsinger. The Fang of Ir Yut reads,This is the shape and the point of the tooth: nothing has ever lived that will not die. Does this Hive related language leave a clueabout the involvement of the Hive? The other really exciting thing about thisparagraph, is that this phrase is not just associated with the worm gods but also theahamkara. The Dragons that made bargains. In Destiny 1 the Young Ahamkara’s spinereads “ give me your arm, oh bearer mine. Let me help you fill the world with teeth”.

And The Claws of Ahamkara says, “Look atall this life, oh bearer mine. There is so much left to burn.” The similarities in phrasing between the Ahamkaraand the worms left many wondering what the relationship is between the Ahamkara and theworms, are they the same, are they different, are they the same species, is the languagemore to do with the darkness and the impact of the darkness. We don’t know.

All we can say at this point, is that Calus,the Ahamkara and the Worms use similar phrasing, oh bearer mine, oh vengeance mine, oh championmine. Regardless of the significance of this, whatwe do know is that Calus has been travelling for a very long time recruiting from the mostpowerful species in the universe, and in addition he may have discovered something far morepowerful than the light, whether this is the darkness or something else, we don’t know. Have a look at the raid sword, “It StaredBack” The Leviathan came to a halt before a wallof infinite void. It could go no further, as the navigationsystem had suffered a cataclysmic failure. The course that the conspirators had set crosseda space that simply didn't exist.

I don't know how long we traveled. Years? Millennia? Time had ceased to have meaning as I wallowedin the despair of my exile. But this event shook me out of my stupor.

At the edge of the universe, we had foundsomething. No—we had found a nothing. From the seat of my observation chamber, Istared into the perfect void. Only I, a god, could understand what I witnessed.

It was a thing greater than myself. And if such a thing exists, then I, too, canbecome more. In fact, the final words of Calus’s robotalso implies that Calus discovered some power, the mission dialogue actually changes butif you defeat Callus you may get this line. “If you seek the means to live to your potential,I can guide you to it.

There is power in this universe beyond yourfeeble light. I leave you with those words, and these partinggifts. Take them, and grow fat from strength. Emperor Calus has spoken.” And this“Everything you know is a lie. There is a truth beyond what your people andyour Speaker have told you.” “I can take you to that truth, if you seekme out. These gifts are a reminder of my words.” “Emperor Calus has spoken” That concludes this latest destiny lore episode,if you would like to support the channel, leave the word, invitation, to represent ourinvitation to the leviathan, an invitation that many species have received.

As usual it has been a pleasure, this is myelingames. Peace.

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