Diep io: How to Get Overlord?

Overlord is one of high level classes in Diep io. This tank is very dangerous. Very often a new player runs away when he sees this tank. Find out how to get Overlord and minions for him.

Before jumping into explaining how to level in order to get this class I would like to mention why you may want to get it. Read this and maybe you will find another reason for taking this tank.


  • High distance of attack. You can move the minions far away from the tank.
  • Easier to kill enemies. Minions can be more accurate than bullets. When you shot a bullet you can’t control it. But minions must be controlled and you can move them in any direction.
  • Difficult to escape. It’s very difficult to escape from this tank. If an enemy is caught he will be killed. Minions deal high damage and move pretty fast.


  • Depends on the minions a lot! The tank controls only 8 minions. If they all die Overlord has to wait until new spawn.
  • If the minions are far away he is almost defenseless. He can’t fire bullets and he can only escape from enemy.
  • He can’t benefit from speed boost on shot. As you know a tank can benefit from recoil for moving faster. But Overlord doesn’t shot and thus can’t benefit from recoil.

How to get?

First of all you need to select Sniper promotion class once you hit 15th level. At 30th level you need to promote your Sniper to Overseer and then once you hit 45th level you can upgrade it to Overlord. Find out more information about progression and classes in Diep.io in our Tanks Guide.



Unlike Necromancer which has to kill objects in order to get minions, Overlord spawns minions regularly. When a minion is killed new appears pretty fast. You don’t need to search for the objects to kill.

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