Diep io: How to Play?

Diep io is a game where you play as a tank against other players. You start with a weak machine and your goal is to receive experience and progress selecting new upgrades. This guide will explain how to play Dep.io and win.

Game Modes

When you start the game you can switch between 3 modes:

  • FFA (Free for all): all players are your enemies. You have no extra goals, just to defeat everybody. This mode is great for those who like killing all surrounding players, but on my opinion it’s not as interesting as FFA in Agar.io.
  • Team DM: 2 teams fight against each other. You can’t attack representatives of your team. Both teams have their bases in opposite corners of the map.
  • Domination: 2 teams fight against each other. The game ends when of the teams captures 4 bases in the center of the map. On my opinion, one of the most interesting game modes. Players have to engage in battle in order to win. When the match ends special Arena Closers come and kill all the payers. Great ending :)


The first thing you need to know is how to control the tank. When you play the game your tank is always in the center of the screen. You can move it by pressing  WASD keyboard keys. You set the direction of movements with your mouse and you attack by pressing Right Mouse Button.

Not so long ago developers added auto-attack feature. You can press E and your tank will be auto attacking all the time. Press e again and it will stop auto mode. This feature is very useful. You don’t have to hold mouse button all the time. But keep in mind that the recoil affects your movement speed. It may be more difficult to control the machine when this mode is active.

That’s all you need to know. About control keys in Diep.io. Now let’s move on…


The goal is to level up, distribute special skill points and upgrade tank. When you play you see your progress bar in the bottom part of the screen. This bar shows your score and experience. There are 45 levels in the game. When you receive new level you gain 1 skill point. This skill point can be spent for boosting one of the following stats:


  • Health Regen: makes your HP recover faster.
  • Max Health: increase amount of your HP.
  • Body Damage: damage you deal with body attacks of your tank. Also lowers damage you receive from bullets.
  • Bullet Speed: make your bullets fly faster.
  • Bullet Penetration: allows your bullets to penetrate objects.
  • Bullet Damage: increase damage of your shots.
  • Reload: increase reload speed.
  • Movement Speed: increase movement speed.

The problem here is that every stat has 7 levels. There are 8 stats in the game. As you see you need 56 points in order to boost all of them to max values. But the game has 45 levels only and you will get 32 experience points for investing… As you see you will have to select what stats to prefer.

Leveling Build

If you wish to level up as fast as possible it’s recommended to pay attention to Reload Speed first. Invest several points into this stat and you will be shooting very fast. Then spend several points for increasing Bullet Damage. This will help you to gain experience very fast. Of course it is not the only way of progression. If you have other goals you may select another way. But this advice will allow progressing very fast.

Power Build

You can kill enemies not only with your gun. It’s also possible to attack them with your body. If you wish to do it you need to have large amount of Health, high Health Regen and Speed in order to catch enemies.


At 15th, 30th and 45th levels you will be offered to select a modification for your tank. The modification will transform your basic tank into something new. There is a Tank Tree where you can see which branch to select.

You can use modifications or not to use them. It’s all up to you. It’s possible to play all the game with basic tank but that’s not the best way of how to play. Upgrades give you extra possibilities and may increase your efficiency.


  • Recoil affects your movement speed. If you just stand and shot you will be moving backwards slowly. That’s why you can move faster if your tank has barrel on the back side. This barrel allows to move faster.
  • If you don’t have barrel on the back you can just reverse and soot against the direction of your movement. This will also make your movement speed higher.
  • You can attack enemies and objects with your body. This will help to level up faster. Sometimes this can help in PvP. But remember that high level enemies have much more HP than you and you’d better not to attack them with body.

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