Diep io Stalker Guide: Getting, Best Build and Tips

Stalker is one of high level classes in Diep io. It has very interesting game mechanics: it can hide if not moves. This allows him to suddenly attack players. This guide will tell you everything you need to know to master this great class.


  • Increased distance of view. This tank can see more than others. This advantage is not too serious in general but may sometimes help to escape troubles or to secure kill.
  • Can hide! Yes, this is what makes this class unique. Stalker can house if not moves. All you need to hide is just to stay and not move and shot. After some time the tank will become invisible to all players. Read more about stealth mode below.


  • Low fire rate. Stalker is improved variation of Assassin class. It has rather low fire rate.
  • Low fire density. The tank shots only one bullet per shot. With low fire rate such fire density is not the best. If you wish to have a tank with high fire density this is not your choice.
  • Your performance and effectiveness depends on your accuracy a lot! You must be very accurate to be effective. If you miss often you will have troubles playing with this class.

Stealth Mode Explained

As you already know stealth is one of the most important differences of this class from others. All you need to become invisible is just stay and not shot. Stalker will become invisible and can suddenly attack others. Stealth is a very good way of assassinating low health enemies.

How it works? You need to find a place where you wish to hide. Just stay and don’t attack. You will become invisible soon. When you are invisible enemies can’t see your position. They will not be able to identify your location. But you can see all of them and attack anytime. Wait until enemy approaches and then start firing!!! Very often the target will not be able to escape.

Keep in mind: When you attack or move your stealth mode breaks and you become visible again! Attack only when you are sure that it will give you result.

The stealth mode will also be broken if enemy bullet hits you. If you see that an enemy with high fire density fires in your direction, attack him in return. He will most likely uncover your location.

Important Stats and Best Build

Now it’s time to talk about what stats are important for Stalker and what build is the best. On my opinion there are several very important stats you should pay attention to:

  • Bullet Speed: cap this stat because your first attack must be very fast and sudden. Your key to success is that enemy doesn’t know about your presence. Most of the time your first shot must be the only shot! It must be deadly and it must land! The faster your bullet flies the harder it is to escape it. High bullet speed allows your first attack to be not only unexpected but also very fast.
  • Bullet Damage: the more damage you deal the better. If you invest many points into this characteristic you will be able to take down not only low health enemies but also strong foes with full HP with several shots.
  • Reload Speed: it’s the key if you wish to confront enemies with full HP. Fast reload will make your attacks difficult to escape.

Of course you may try other stat distribution but on my opinion the above tips will help you to use Stealth with maximum efficiency! Ability to become invisible is what differs you from others. Use it!

How to Get Stalker?

Getting Stalker is not very difficult. You just need to know which branch to select for progression. If you know nothing about leveling and tanks tree read our Progression Guide. In order to reach this class you need to select Sniper upgrade at 15th level, Assassin at 30th and finally promote to Stalker at 45th.


Tips and Tricks

  • Be accurate! Your first shot must reach enemy! Remember, when you are hidden and attack, enemy starts seeing you! That’s why your shot must be accurate. First attack of Stalker is always unexpected and most of the time it’s impossible to escape it. So aim first and then shot!
  • If you play in Teams game mode it’s great to hide near hostile base. Low health tanks usually return to their base after participating in battle to recover health. They feel comfortable there. But you can benefit from it. Just stay there and wait for the foe to approach.

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