Diep io Tips for All Players

This article contains important Diep io tips and secrets for all players. Doesn’t matter how long you have been playing the game. You may be a beginner, average player or newbie. You will find good advices here anyway.

Reload Speed is the best stat for faster leveling. You should invest several skill points into this stat if you wish to level faster. Read more in Diepio Fast Leveling Guide. Why is this stat important? Because it allows to shot more bullets per minute. This allows to destroy more shapes receiving experience. Reload speed is also great for PvP.

Use recoil for moving faster. This is what you must use every time you wish to increase your movement speed. When you shot the recoil moves your tank in opposite direction. If you don’t move and only shot you will be moving backwards slowly. Thus recoil is what can help for increasing speed. If you are moving to the right shot to the left.

recoil for fast move

If you are beginner select Twin – Triple Shot – Triplet branch. On my opinion this branch is what you need for solid playing if you have no experience. Triplet is a very good choice for almost every situation. It has high fire density and it deals rather good damage. These characteristics allow Triplet to beat Overlord and other popular tanks.

Sniper class is rather difficult to master. It has low fire rate and a player has to be accurate in order to dominate. This class is not the best for beginners.

Some classes are weaker / less useful than others. Read our Tanks guide to find out more about strengths and weaknesses of every class.

Attack shapes and enemies with your “body”. Some players don’t know that bullets are not the only weapon. It’s also possible to attack objects and foes with the body of your tank.  All you need is just to get very close to the object and try to pass through it. It will be losing health. Keep in mind that all attacks with body also damage your tank. So if the enemy has higher health and Body Damage you may be killed fast.

Benefit from purple pentagons in the center of map. Every game map has an area in the center where a lot of purple pentagons spawn regularly. It’s a very good place for farming experience points.  These objects bring a lot of XP and killing them is the best way for fast leveling after you reach 25th – 30th level. Just beware of the guards. Special AI guards attack all the tanks that come close to these pentagons. Also keep in mind that you are not the only player who knows about this great place.

Controlling center of the map (where pentagons spawn) is rather important in different Teams mode. If your team controls this place representatives of your team may level up there.

Don’t PvP at least until you reach 25th-30th level. You will most likely die. It’s much better to focus on leveling and PvP after your tank has maximum power. It’s much better to focus on leveling and then on PvP.

Switch game modes! If you play Free For All (FFA) only try to switch to Teams, Domination or Mothership mode. They are much more interesting than FFA. You will have more fun and receive more experience.

Use auto attack. If you still attack by holding your LMB I have good news for you: developers added auto attack mode in one of the updated. Now you can press E to activate auto attack mode and your tank will be automatically shooting all the time. Press E again to turn this mode off.

Red team wins more often than blue team. I think that it’s because red base is located in bottom-right corner. Player uses WASD keys to control tank. It’s much easier for a red team to move from the bottom to top using these controls because W is forward key for them, while S is forward key for blues...

Always read latest updates. Who knows what will be implemented into the game in future.

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