Elder Scrolls Legends: Races

Race of your character / Avatar in Elder Scrolls Legends play very important role. Many game fans think that it restricts the cards you are able to use. For example a Nord can only use Nord cards. But that’s wrong. The main restriction is that when you select a race you automatically receive a class attached to it and thus you restrict the color of cards you are able to play.  

ArgonianScoutAgility + EnduranceGreen + Purple
BretonSorcererIntelligence + EnduranceBlue + Purple
Dark ElfAssassinIntelligence + AgilityBlue + Green
High ElfMageIntelligence + WillpowerBlue + Yellow
ImperialSpellswordWillpower + EnduranceYellow + Purple
KhajiitMonkWillpower + AgilityYellow + Green
NordCrusaderStrength + WillpowerRed + Yellow
OrcWarriorStrength + EnduranceRed + Purple
RedguardBattlemageStrength + IntelligenceRed + Blue
Wood ElfArcherStrength + AgilityRed + Green


Racial choice also affects what cards you will most likely unlock as a reward. As you know you start the game having small number of weak cards. Your starting deck is weak. You have to progress and unlock new cards to build stronger decks. That’s where your race becomes important. It affects your chances to unlock certain cards. For example Dark Elf has better chances of unlocking new Dark Elf cards. But if you select Breton you will be unlocking more Breton cards. As you see the mechanics is pretty simple. You receive what you are aiming to receive.

Cards of each race have advantages and disadvantages. Some are better for magical attacks, some are great for poisoning enemies, some are great for dealing physical damage. More information about special powers will be revealed in this article later.

TES Legends Races

Best Race

TES Legends players usually ask question about what race is the best. The answer is: all are great, but for different playstyles. There is no absolute dominator. For example if you like to poison enemies you should pay attention to Argonians. If you like to lifesteal Khajiits is your choice.

Moreover, your power depends on how you build your deck. Two different players with similar cards available may build absolutely different decks! If you know game mechanics and understand how different cards work with each other you get a good advantage. That’s why it’s recommended to spend some time learning the cards.

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