Elder Scrolls Legends: Rules

The Elder Scrolls: Legends is a competitive strategy card game set in the Elder Scrolls universe. If you are Skyrim or TESO fan you will definitely find this game great. But before jumping into it you should get familiar with the rules. Read this guide to find out how to play TES Legends.


The first thing you should know about is that the game has 3 different game modes: Solo Battles, Story Campaign and Arena. Strategy and planning is required for winning the match. The list below contains all the activities a player can participate in:

  • Practice – Solo Mode
  • Versus Battle – Solo Mode
  • Story Campaign – This is where you get familiar with the game and receive your first decks. It will take you about 2 hours to complete it.
  • Solo Arena – PvE mode. You’ll face eight opponents and one boss. You can lose only 3 times before your time in the Arena comes to an end.
  • Versus Arena – PvP mode. You will face with 7 opponents.

What’s the difference between Solo Battles and Arena? The core difference is the rewards you receive. The rewards in the Arena are much better than those you can get in campaign and Battle mode. If you wish to get really valuable rewards you need to participate in Arena fights. 

Battle Rules

The first thing you see when you get into the battle is the battlefield. Each battle begins with a hand of 3 cards. When it’s your turn you draw one card and gain one magicka needed to play your cards. Then you place a card on one of 2 sides called Lanes.

Legends Battlefield


The difference from other card games like Hearthstone is that battlefield in TES Legends has two different lanes. Instead of placing the cards on the whole battlefield a player has to choose a lane where he wants to act.

Why this mechanics is important? Because in traditional card games with one lane if the opponent is lucky he may get a powerful card that will destroy all your efforts. In Legends there are two battlefields, and if your opponent drops a powerful card on the left lane you can try to attack him using right lane and succeed. This mechanics allows to avoid situation when one card dominates the whole battlefield.

Lane Conditions

Different lanes may have different conditions, meaning that there may be extra rules for a particular side which affect the whole gameplay and the decisions you make.

For example in a demonstrational video there was a rule that preserved any card you play on the right lane from being attacked by creatures until the next turn. Your opponent may attack your new card with spells but not with his creatures until the next turn. Thus you may have some extra time.

This is where the game becomes difficult. A player has to select a proper strategy according to what’s happening on the battlefield and according to lane conditions!


You and your oponent are represented by Avatars. The Elder Scrolls fans will definitely love that Legends has avatars for all 10 traditional races. But your avatar doesn’t have special powers. It has other role… Each avatar belongs to certain Race. Your race choice affects the cards you unlock for your deck as a reward.

For example if you select Argonian race you will most likely be unlocking Argonian cards which have special playstyle. Argonian cards use poison attacks and sneak. You can change your avatar and start unlocking more cards of other race. For example when you are Argonian you have high chances of unlocking new Argonian cards but if you change your avatar and select Nord race you will be unlocking new cards for the Nord.  These new cards will have new features.

This brings extra choices into the game. You may select which playstyle is for you and select a race for your character according to this.

Dealing Damage

There are two ways of dealing damage: you can damage your opponent’s cards or you can deal direct damage to your opponent's Avatar. The game finishes when one of the Avatars is destroyed.


You both start with 30 HP and with blue runes around your avatars. Every time you take 5 points of damage a blue rune breaks and you instantly draw card for free. The idea behind this is that in most card games if a player dominates there is no way to beat him. Other player just has to watch until the game ends.

Some cards have word Prophecy written on them. This word means that if Prophecy card is on the top of your deck and your rune gets destroyed you play this card for free. You can take serious advantage from this.

Prophecy: You may play this for free when drawn from rune loss.

Decks and Classes

Each deck in The Elder Scrolls: Legends can be crafted using two of the five attributes: Strength, Agility, Intelligence, Endurance, Willpower. The two attributes you select will give you the Class. For example combining Agility and Strength will give you Archer deck. Combining Willpower and Intelligence cards will give you Mage deck.  Here is a list of all classes in the game:

  • Strength + Agility: Archer
  • Agility + Intelligence: Assassin
  • Strength + Intelligence: Battlemage
  • Willpower + Strength: Crusader
  • Intelligence + Willpower: Mage
  • Agility + Willpower: Monk
  • Endurance + Agility: Scout
  • Endurance + Intelligence: Sorcerer
  • Endurance + Willpower: Spellsword
  • Strength + Endurance: Warrior

You may have large number of decks with different combination of cards. For example you may have 3 Battlemage decks with different combination of cards in each.

Note: this guide is in early Beta :) Tough the game isn’t live, all the information you see above is taken from official sources. This How to play guide will be updated when more information is available.

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