Fortnite Red Knight Skin: How to Get and Apply

Red Knight Skin is one of the cool looking outfits in Fortnite. It is colored red and black and it looks aggressive. In this guide, I will explain how to get this great cosmetic item and how to apply it in the game.

You can get Red Knight Skin in the Cash Shop for 2,000 V-Bucks. You can also find it in Daily Item Shop, but it appears there only sometimes. If you buy it, you will also receive a Red Shield. This is how the skin looks in the game:

Fortnite: Red Knight Skin Outfit

Pay Attention: this Skin appears in cash shop only sometimes. It’s a rare outfit and you can’t just come and purchase it. Though some players are lucky to buy it very fast, others have to wait for months because they were unable to make a purchase when it was available. So if you see Red Knight Skin in the shop and you really want it don’t wait. Buy it as soon as you can because it will definitely become unavailable soon. The last time it was in the shop for only one day!

Some players think that this outfit adds to your stats or affects the character in some way, but it’s a mistake. This is a cosmetic item. It doesn’t affect your stats and it will not make you stronger. What it really does is it changes how your character looks. In my opinion, this piece of gear is great. It looks fantastic and many of the players will agree with me.

The Fort Knights Gear Set

This great skin is a part of the Fort Knights Set which includes following items:

  • Black Knight (Outfit, Legendary)
  • Blue Squire (Outfit, Rare)
  • Royal Knight (Outfit, Rare)
  • Black Shield (Backpack, Legendary)
  • Red Shield (Backpack, Legendary)
  • Royale Shield (Backpack, Rare)
  • Squire Shield (Backpack, Rare)
  • Axecalibur (Pickaxe, Rare)
  • Sir Glider the Brave glider

As you see, there are several modifications of this set available right now. There are 3 different outfits, 4 shields, 1 pickaxe and 1 glider. If you want to be a fully geared knight you will have to collect at least one piece of gear from each category.

F.A.Q. – Questions and Answers

Q: I want this skin! Where can I get it?

A: You can buy it in the game shop for virtual currency, but it appears there only sometimes.

Q: When will Red Knight skin be available in the shop?

A: Nobody knows this, except game developers. They may add it anytime, so you should monitor the situation. Subscribe to EpicGames official news channels and follow the updates. You may also check Reddit. If you are a registered member of this website you can subscribe to the comments for this guide. Maybe I (or another member) will write a comment saying that this skin is available again.

Q: Do I have to collect all the set pieces in order to look so cool?

A: No, you don't need all the pieces. The image in this guide shows how an Outfit looks like. It doesn't need any extra items. But if you want to look really cool you may need Axecalibur Pickaxe and a glider. The full set will make the look of your character even better.  

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  1. enix 04 july 2018, 11:02 # 0
    I don't think it looks badass. Pretty nice costume, but not the best for me. I like Black Knight skin more than this. But I would buy this for my collection if I have enough V-Bucks.

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