Fortnite: What is Double Pump and How to Use it?

Welcome my fellow gamers! In this guide, I will explain to you how to Double Pump in Fortnite. I will also talk a little bit about this technique in general. Is double pump really overpowered? Should you use it or not? Should the players be banned for this? Let’s get started.

Double Pump is a special technique of shooting. You need two shotguns for using it. Place your shotguns in 2 weapon slots where you can easily switch between them fast. It’s recommended to use keybinds for this. You can use 2 and 3 keyboard keys for example. Don’t use the scroll wheel!

Fortnite Double Pump

  1. When the battle begins, press the left mouse button and shot with the first shotgun.
  2. As soon as the first shot is done quickly switch the weapon and shot once again.
  3. Switch back to the first weapon and repeat all the actions again and again.

As you see this technique is not so complicated but it will take time before you master it. It requires perfect timing. If you don’t act in time it will not work as it should.

The advantage of this technique is that it allows firing with shotguns very fast. If you master it, you will have an advantage in close range combat.

Is this technique “legal”?

Many players think that this technique is a cheat. Very often you can see the comments where people say that there must be a ban for using Double Pump. But developers are aware of this weapon behavior.

Epic Games know about this and they disabled this feature. But later on, they made it live again. Maybe it will be locked in future once again, who knows…

Is Double Pump Unbalanced / Overpowered?

It’s a tough question to answer. Developers are aware of it and if they allow this feature to be in the game they think it is well balanced.

If you wish to use this technique you will have to sacrifice one weapon slot for a second shotgun. That means you will have to get rid of a Sniper rifle or any other useful weapon. This is the largest disadvantage!

Double Pump has its advantages: it’s great for close range combat, but it’s useless in medium or big range. It’s a very aggressive style and it’s for those who can be close to the enemy all the time.

Some players think that this technique is strong at every stage of the game and at any situation, but that’s only because they have seen very good players using it. A good player can benefit from it at any stage. But that’s because a player is good in general. Most of the players will be able to benefit from it only in the middle game, while it will become useless in the late game.

How to Counter it?

There is only one way to counter this technique: try to get the distance. You should start building as soon as you can. This technique is strong at close range but it becomes less strong in the middle range.

There is one more tip: pay more attention to what’s going on around your character. Don’t allow enemies to come close.

What do you guys think about Double Pump in Fortnite? Do you use it? Do you think it must be banned or nerfed? Share your thoughts in comments below.

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  1. Zerg 03 july 2018, 11:20 # 0
    Many players say that if you master Double Pump you become dominator and you don’t need to polish other skills. But that’s a big mistake. Double Pump is just another technique with huge damage output in close range combat. It became so popular because there are many close range fights in the game…

    You won’t become an OP player just because you know how to do it. Yes, you will probably become stronger. But mastering it requires skill, isn’t it? It’s similar to mastering a sniper rifle. A skilled sniper will most likely destroy any double pumper from a large distance.

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