Grenades: How to Throw and Equip More?

Grenades is one of your main ammo in the Division. They allow you to do many things – deal direct damage, silence enemies, stun them, deactivate skills and so on. Using grenades in time is a very important part of gameplay. This guide will tell you everything about this type of ammo.

How to throw?

Throwing grenade is not difficult but some players ask about it. The reason is mostly because they skip the tutorial part of the game. Throwing is described there in details. But for those who skipped intro or forgot the information here is what you need to do in order to throw a grenade:

  • Hold left on your D-pad and this will open grenade menu. Select the item you wish to use by clicking in its direction. Tap left on the D-pad again (you will see an ark with indicates where to throw) and then firing button.
  • If you are playing on PC you can visit game settings and see the controls there. G button is for selecting grenades (hold it to see wheel) and the left mouse button is for throwing.

Throwing Grenade

When you throw a grenade your enemies can avoid it because they see the place where it will land and the area that will be attacked by it. Thus they have several seconds to react. You also have this advantage. If someone attacks you with grenade, you see the same information.

Here is a list of grenades you can use in The Division:

  • EMP Grenades – apply Disrupt, which will destroy any active skills caught in the blast. They also prevent the affected enemies from deploying any new skills for a period of time. As you see these grenades allow to neutralize skills of enemies. For example this can be used when enemy drops healing station. Use EMP grenade to destroy it. These grenades also apply “silence” effect and enemies can’t use their skills for a short period of time. This effect is very useful in many situations. For example for neutralizing enemy healer.
  • Flashbang Grenades – deal blind-deaf. which will temporarily impair the vision and hearing of any enemy caught in the blast.
  • Fragmentations Grenades – basic grenades that deal high damage and can also apply bleeding effect to affected enemies. The bleed effect prevents enemy from recovering his health.
  • Incendiary Grenades – hit enemies with fire on detonation. Can apply burning effect that drains health over time. This type of grenades is not as useful as Fragmentations Grenades because Damage over time effect is easier to heal. It lowers health slowly while instant damage is much better. Moreover, enemy can neutralize this DoT using special food. Anyway this ammo is still very useful.
  • Shock Grenades – paralyze affected enemies for a short period of time. If you hit enemy player with this he will not be able to do anything for a short period of time. This effect is similar to “Stun” in MMOs and MOBAs. It looks like if your team is well coordinated you will be able to keep enemies stunned for some time attacking them.
  • Tear Gas Grenades – disorient enemies impairing their vision for short period of time and decreasing their accuracy. This ammo is the weakest. It applies slight video effect that doesn’t affect visibility too much. The accuracy decrease is also not so heavy. But anyway this may help sometimes in PvP and PvE.

Is it possible to enlarge inventory to carry more grenades? Yes, it’s possible to enlarge the amount of consumable items you can carry. As you know player can have different gear. The amount of carried items depends on the gear and on perks. When you level up you find new backpacks and receive new skills which allow to increase inventory space. Thus the amount of items in your pouches will also grow.

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