How to be Solo Rogue in the Division? - Full Guide

As you know the Division gas a dedicated PvP area called Dark Zone. In this area you can fight against other players in order to get high rarity loot which is the best in the game. Players can unite in groups of 2, 3 or 4 people to cooperate and help each other there. But this guide is not about playing in a group. It’s about how to go rogue solo!

Most of you think that DZ is full of groups and solo gameplay is almost impossible. People who play solo can’t achieve good result. But believe me, you can effectively go rogue and still survive against small and large groups of players. This guide will teach you how to become the best assassin you can be!

Reasons to Solo Rogue

  • This task is challenging. It’s more difficult than playing in a group and thus it’s more interesting. When you play with someone you always know that your friend may always cover you. But when you are alone you have to rely on your own skills.
  • All the loot you get is yours!
  • Solo play will help you to learn the map and to develop your own playstyle.
  • It’s funny :)

Weapons and Gear

In order to be successful you have to obtain cool gear. The better items you have the stronger you are. And you have to be strong in order to survive. Your goal is to get as many Yellow

Regarding weapons: you may want to go with Assault rifle as your primary weapon and close range weapon (Submachine guns (SMG) for example) as secondary.  Or you may go with Assault rifle and Marksman Rifle which is also great combination. Marksman Rifle deals high burst damage while assault rifle is great for finishing enemies.

Stats and Attributes

As you know there are 3 main stats: Firearms for increasing damage, Stamina for increasing Health and Electronics for increasing skill power. Your main attributes are Firearms and Stamina. The reason you shouldn’t pay attention to Electronics is because skills have long cooldowns. Increasing power of skills will not help you a lot, while increasing Stamina and Firearms will give you more damage and survivability.

Useful Skills

The Division offers large number of great skills but there is one important ability that you must have as a solo rogue: Pulse with Scrambler Mod from Medical Wing. The Pulse allows you to see how many players stay nearby which helps to make right decision about when to start the attack.

Scrambler mod allows you to hide from hostile pulse scans. Other players will not be able to identify you with their pulse scanners. That’s a very important advantage.

Pulse skill with Scrambler mod

Don’t forget that other players may also have Pulse skill with Scrambler mod. So you should always keep in mind that there may be more players nearby.

Tips and Tricks

Know your time!

It’s the first and the most important rule. As you play solo you should pay attention to when to engage and when to avoid battles. It’s mostly about counting enemies. If you see a group of 4 people it’s better not to attack them until you have some sort of advantage. You will have a hard time. It’s easier to fight against smaller groups.

Use Communication — get an advantage.

The great thing about the Division is that there is local area communication and you can hear nearby players and talk to them. You can use it to get an advantage. Just come closer to them and just start talking. The best phrase to say is “Hey guys! Have you seen rogues here?” This will give you an advantage. You pretend that you are “good” guy and then after some time you may attack these players from behind.

Getting some sort of advantage is very important especially when you are outnumbered. If you act fast you will be able to kill at least one player before other understand what’s going on.

Have an Escape Plan

After you kill someone it’s very important to keep your loot and stay alive. That’s why you should always have escape plan. The best way to stay alive is to move. The difference between going rogue solo and playing in a group is that it’s much more difficult to survive alone. That’s why you must know the territory and hideouts. You must know where is the closest roof top or underground where you can hide and protect yourself.

This tip is mostly about knowing the map. The more you play in Dark Zone the more interesting places you will find.  Some of the places are perfect for defending them solo.

Try to not get shot when you are escaping. Any shot you get will increase duration of your rogue count down timer. That’s why you should move fast, dodge and use different objects to hide.


When you are done don’t forget to refill the ammunition. Check your Base of Operations or other nearby places in order to get ammunition, grenades, medkits and food.

Switch Between Servers

After you play for some time on the same server other players will start noticing that you are the guy who goes rogue very often. On the one hand that’s pretty interesting to continue playing but on the other hand you lose what you need to be a successful solo rogue – element of surprise. Everybody knows that you are the “bad” guy and they expect dirty actions from you.

When this happens it’s time to swap servers. After you connect to a new server you will start playing against players who are not familiar with you. You have your advantage again.

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