How to extract items in The Division?

As you know playing in a Dark Zone is different from playing in other areas. DZ is a PvP area in The Division and you will have to confront other players there. There are different reasons to visit this area but one of the most important is that you can find the best gear in the game only there. If you wish to dominate you will have to PvP.

There is one thing that impacts gameplay in Dark Zone a lot: all items you find there are contaminated. When you find them you can’t equip them. You need to decontaminate them first. And this is where the party starts.

When you find contaminated item you can take it and put into special DZ inventory. There are several slots there and it’s for contaminated items only. The main thing you need to know is that when you put an item in this inventory all other players can see this: a yellow bag appears below the backpack of your character. Now everybody knows that you are carrying something valuable.

Other players can’t see what’s inside you DZ backpack but they know that there is something! There may be one item or several items. And this may attract them.


Why your yellow bag may attract other player? Because of the looting rules in the Dark Zone. When you kill another Agent (real player) you receive experience and you cantake everything he has in his Dark Zone inventory. You can take all his contaminated loot!!! As you see your goal is to decontaminate items you have in your yellow bag avoiding being killed.


In order to save your loot and start using it you need to Extract it. This can be done at special places only! How to find Extraction area? It’s simple: when you explore the location you will sometimes see pop-up message: “Extraction Area is found”. It will be marked on your map and this is what you need.

This Extraction Area is a place where you can request a helicopter from Base of Operations. This helicopter will arrive, drop a special rope, you will attach your loot to this rope and it will be taken to the Base of Operations for decontaminating. You can find all cleaned items in the special inventory at the Base of Operations later on.


This looks simple but there is one thing you should keep in mind:

Any player can request extraction. And when the process begins all surrounding Agents will be notified about this. They all can use your helicopter in order to save their loot… Or they can arrive to this point and try to kill you in order to take your items!

The most important thing is that they may kill you, take your loot and attach it to this hellicopter right after this!!! They don’t need to request another one. That’s why this moment is very important.

When you arrive to the Extraction Area and request a helicopter you have to wait until it arrives. It will take 90 seconds for it to arrive. These 90 seconds can be used by other players for coming to this area. After the helicopter arrives there will be 60 seconds for saving the loot.

Playing in a Group

Now let’s talk about how to act. Of course if you are playing in a group of 4 people you may allow other player to come and use the helicopter, but you may also kill this lonely guy and take all the items he has. Why not? But you should do this only if you trust your group and if you are sure that you will be able to resist more players.

When you start Extraction process it’s recommended to defend the zone from any groups of players. Why? Because most of the time other Agents will try to take your items. The Division is all about this. If you see a group of other players approaching your position it’s better to kill them rather than allowing them to approach. If you allow them to come close they may take good positions and start attacking your group when you don’t expect this.

Plying Alone

How to decontaminate loot if you are alone? That’s more difficult, but still possible. There are a lot of lonely wolves in the game and that’s why you will not face with groups too often. Start decontamination and look around. If you see another player approaching you may kill him.

If you start Extraction and see that a group of other players is arriving you’d better run away. This may save your life and the gear you have found. A group always has advantage in strength.


  • There is one thing that may help you to predict actions of other players. If you have loot and you see that approaching player doesn’t have yellow bag on his back – kill him! He doesn’t have items for decontamination and he wants to benefit from you!
  • If you see that a Rogue Agent is approaching – kill him! All Rogues are usually hostile and you will not be penalized for this. Moreover, you will get a bounty!
  • Use height advantage. This may allow you to observe and identify approaching players faster.
  • Try to find an ally if you are playing alone. 2 Agents are much stronger than one.

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