How to get big in Agario?

This guide will help you to understand how to get big in Agario and how to reach the first place in the leaderboard. Everybody in this game wishes to start dominating as fast as possible. Having a small cell is always risky, but when you are large you are the king :) That’s why rapid growing strategy is always important!

First of all you must understand that growing into a large cell may be difficult sometimes. Everything depends on the total number of players on current server. My experience shows that the more players are online, the easier it is to grow.

Agario is a game where luck is important. When total online is high there are more “noobs” and it’s usually easier to eat them. Great opportunities for eating occur more often. If you can play the game you will be able to use these opportunities and to benefit from them. That’s why I recommend to play when you see that total online is high.

Where to see how many players are currently playing? The game doesn’t display this data but it’s easy to understand this by observing. You can observe the server any time. Just open “Settings” menu. Spectate button will be there. If you see that there are many small cells on the server your chances to grow fast are large.


When you play Agario you can divide the game into 3 stages: Beginning (when your mass is 10-2000) Midgame (2000-7000) Late Stage (mass is over 7000). Every stage has different strategy.

The Beginning (10-2000 mass)

One of the best strategies of getting big is not to eat every smaller cell in the beginning. When you try to eat everything you will most likely fail. That’s because when you split-kill you devide your mass into two smaller parts. You put yourself at risk.

It’s better to eat pellets and wait for the good opportunity when you can eat two enemy cells by split-killing and almost double your mass. Such opportunities occur rather often, especially if there are many noobs playing. Newbies don’t understand how to play and usually give great chances for rapid growing.

The image below shows a perfect situation for split-killing. If the player 1 jumps to the right, he will eat both yellow and red players. It's a perfect opportunity to enlarge mass and become much bigger. This is example of the situation you need to wait for.

Perfect Split

Teaming — You'd Better Wait...

I don’t recommend to team with someone at least until you collect 1000-1500 mass. Teaming in the beginning is usually useless. You are small, your ally is small. You both move too fast and this may affect the efficiency of your actions. It’s better not to look for teammates when you are small and focus on growing.

Don’t act like a beggar! Some players fly around very large cells begging for some mass. This will not help. It’s better to spend time searching for good opportunity to grow.

Midgame (2000-7000 mass)

Middle stage begins when you become rather large. This stage is one of the most dynamic and interesting. The rule is the same: try to stay big and not to split if this will not bring you great profit. Sometimes I see that players with 1700 mass split-kill enemy with 250-300 mass… That’s the worst action you can perform. Always try to keep your cell as big as possible! You must risk and split-kill only when you see a good chance to eat large prize.

The other reason for staying big is that large mass allows to eat larger enemy after he is attacked by a virus. Sometimes you will be able to benefit from such situations a lot! Though such opportunities occur not very often they allow to increase your mass dramatically.

Teaming – Try to Find a Bro!

In the beginning of the middle stage you can start looking for an ally. Your mass is enough for efficient teaming. If you find a good bro you will be able to succeed much faster.

Just fly and offer friendship to the cells with equivalent mass. Never offer friendship to cells that are much bigger than you. Vey often you will be eaten. My experience tells that the best and the most efficient cooperation starts when you and your ally have relatively equivalent mass.

Is teaming essential for getting very large? On my opinion, yes. There are 4 important reasons for having at least one teammate:

  1. You can attack larger enemies to eat their mass. Your ally may bomb player and you may eat him. You may also benefit from rapid mass sharing when your ally gives you almost all the mass he has to support you.
  2. Teammate may help you to save mass after someone attacks you with virus. When you are big you move slow and enemies may use this. You may be attacked. But teammate may help to save your mass.
  3. Ally can remove / destroy viruses. If you are large a nearby virus may be a thread. Ally may destroy the virus helping you to avoid problems.
  4. When you have an ally you can play against other teams! It’s very important. When you play alone other teams have advantage. They can easily bomb and eat you. But if you have a bro you can resist other teams and sometimes even destroy them!

As you see having a good team is much better idea, than playing alone. Of course you and your ally must understand how to play together. There are rules of teaming and sharing mass. But anyway having a bro will help you to dominate the server.

Late Stage (mass is over 7000)

Your behavior at the Late Stage depends on your team:

  • if you have a good ally you continue bombing others, eating them and getting big until you reach the 1st place;
  • if you don’t have a bro, you should continue looking for a good chance to enlarge.

Playing solo is much more difficult because it requires self-control. You must have patience and wait for good situations.

Late stage is difficult because your cell is slow. Though your mass is very high and you have a lot of power you can’t move fast to avoid attacks. Moreover, I bet that you will have some fierce enemies who are dreaming to revenge. Don’t forget that your way to large mass was full of different kills! There may be some players who wish to destroy you not for eating but just for revenge.

There is one tip: try to stay away from viruses if you play alone. Don’t fly too close to viruses if you don’t want to bomb someone. Otherwise you may be bombed.

If you see that someone wants to bomb you, start bombing the enemy in return. You will not be able to avoid projectile because your movement speed is low but you can strike the enemy to save yourself.

Hope this guide will help you to survive and grow into a big dominator! Follow these tips and your chances to succeed will rise.

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