How to get the Best Gear in The Division: Full Guide

The Division is all about getting better gear. When you have reached max level your primary goal is to collect all the best items in the game to become as strong as possible. This guide will tell you how to get the Best Gear in The Division!

There is one very important thing most players don’t know about: though the level cap is 30 there are items and blueprints with level 31!

Many people think that the item level is written with large number near the title. But that’s wrong! That’s the level requirement! The real level can be seen in the bottom part of characteristics and very often you have to scroll down to reach it.

In most cases item level and level requirement are the same but sometimes there are items with higher level than it’s required to use it. When you are playing end-game you should know that there are items with 31st level and 30th level requirement!  That’s very important!!! Having full set of level 31 items is much better than having set of level 30 gear!

How to get level 31 items?

The best way is to craft them using blueprints that can be purchased from Special Gear Vendor for Phoenix Credits at Base of Operations or in Dark Zone northern Safe House. Here is a guide on how to farm Phoenix Credits in The Division.

When you purchase a recipe from these vendors you need to pay attention to the level of item you get as crafting result. This is displayed as Power Level. You need to purchase recipes with Power Level 31 only! Blueprint with Power Level 31 will give you item with level 31.

Power Level

You may think: why should I spend my Phoenix Credits for purchasing these blueprints if I can buy them for Dark Zone Funds? No, you can’t purchase them for Dark Zone funds. The blueprints that can be purchased for DZ funds have Power Level 30 meaning you will receive level 30 items as crafting result!

There is also one more thing you need to know: it’s better to purchase blueprints from Special Gear Vendor at the Base of Operations rather than at the Dark Zone. Blueprints from Dark Zone vendor require Division Tech crafting material which is very rare.

Now you know almost everything. Here is how you act:

  • Get Phoenix Credits.
  • Purchase blueprints with Power Level 31 for Phoenix Credits. These recipes will give you 31 level items as crafting result.
  • Craft using the blueprints you have purchased.

Purchase blueprints for Phoenix Credits and craft. Repeat again and again. This is the best way of getting 31st level items! Sometimes you will be receiving trash because of randomness but if you are lucky you will get really amazing stuff!

Why you shouldn’t buy High-end 31 level items from Vendors for Phoenix Credits? That’s mostly because the items they sell are not always the best. The chances to purchase average stuff is very high. As you know there is randomness in crafting in The Division and the items vendors sell are the result of their crafting attempts. A vendor may offer you level 31 backpack with 450 armor and you may think that it’s the best, but if you purchase a blueprint for that backpack you will notice that the best High-end backpack you can receive has 575 armor! That’s why you need to buy blueprints only!

There are several other ways of getting 31 level weapons and armor:

  • You can purchase them from Advanced Weaponry Vendor in your Base of Operations. Sometimes he sells 31st level items for regular credits. These items usually cost a lot and you will have to spend a lot of credits for this!
  • You can continue killing 31-32 level enemies in Dark Zone. There is a chance that they drop level 31 High-end item but the chance is small.  This method is not the best if you take into account that you not only need the item but you need item with certain stats!

Dark Zone Funds

As you see you will need only Phoenix Credits for getting the best items. But what to do with Dark Zone funds you earn while grinding Phoenix Credits? Is this currency useless? No, it’s not useless. You will spend a lot of time until you purchase all recipes from Special Gear Vendor and even more time until you craft all the pieces and receive the best result. But you have to grind for this… Purchasing weapons and gear for Dark Zone funds is a very good way to become stronger. You can purchase 30 level items for DZ credits and exchange them with 31st level as you progress.

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