How to play Solo in Agario?

Agario is a game where you can use different strategies to win. In general there are 2 different playstyles: solo and team. We have already written a guide about playing in a team, now it’s time to speak about how to dominate if you are alone.

What does Solo playstyle means? That means you don’t accept any friend requests and don't offer friendship to other players. You are lone wanderer. Your goal is to reach the top without joining alliances. That’s a tough task. Of course you can join alliance and then leave it but that’s not 100% fair. If you wish to test you skills you must play without joining teams from the beginning until the end.

This playstyle has it pros and cons in comparison with teaming:

Pros (+)

  • You can eat everybody. You don’t care about eating a teammate because you play alone. You can kill any cell any time and that’s great. You will not become betrayer because you don’t have bro.
  • It's more interesting and challenging. Playing in a team is easier. Solo playstyle is more difficult and thus gives more pleasure. If you can play without any help you are pro.

Cons (-)

  • You don’t have a person you can rely on. You have to do everything yourself and if you are in trouble nobody will help you. Nobody will destroy opponent, nobody will give you extra mass.
  • You are in weak position when you play against teams. A team is usually stronger than one agar and can eat solo player easier. You will have to resist teams.

Selecting a Mode

As you know there are different game modes in Agario and they have different rules. The best modes for playing solo strategy are Free for All, Experimental and of course Party. Teams mode is not for this playstyle because you will have to team up with other guys.

Free for All and Experimental game modes are the best for this. That’s because all players are your enemies there. You can attack anybody anytime. Party mode is not the best choice because you will most likely face with large number of teams there and it will be too difficult to survive. But if you like challenges this is for you.


Now let’s talk about how to grow. When you start you are always small. You goal is to eat pellets to get some mass and then eat other agar. We recommend not to rush and collect some mass for split-killing something valuable. There are situations when you can almost triple your size and that’s what you need to wait for.

Solo strategy is mostly about waiting for perfect situations and acting in time. You need to be patient and wait. If you are patient you will find a situation for great mass boost.


You need to pay a lot of attention to surrounding viruses. On the one hand they are your best weapon: use them to bomb and eat foes. On the other hand you can be bombed any time and you don’t have ally who will be able to collect your mass. It’s difficult to survive after you are bombed. Keep an eye on all the viruses around you and react fast if someone attacks your cell.

Resisting Teams

Not all your enemies will be playing alone. Some of them will play in teams and you will have to resist them. Destroying a team is a tough task, especially if the team wants to eat you. The only way to resist is to attack team members with viruses. You have two options: to bomb one member and run away or to bomb and try to eat enemy. Everything depends on your skills and situation.

If you see that two players are following you and want to eat it’s better to bomb one of them and run. You will have time to run away before enemy’s teammate collects the mass.

Sometimes teams make mistakes. For example they may share the mass too often and forget to look around. You may wait for such situations and eat the whole alliance when one teammate splits into many parts. Such situations don’t occur too often, but you can still benefit from them if you react in time.

Solo gameplay is more challenging. You will face with many tough situations and you will be eaten many times. Nobody will help you and you will have to solve all the problems alone. But playing alone is much more interesting. Your solo results show how good you really are. Everybody can play in a team but only professionals can survive alone.

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