How to Survive in Dark Zone?

Dark Zone is a huge PvP location in the center of game map. It’s separated from general map with a wall. It’s a dangerous place but if you wish to get the best loot you will have to go there. The difference of this area from other zones is that you can meet other players in this area. These players may be friendly but 90% of them will be hostile. This guide will tell you everything about surviving in DZ.

When to Visit?

The first question is when to go to the Dark Zone? In general you can go there at any level. The location is divided into areas for players with different levels. For example DZ 01 is for low level characters. All the enemies are relatively weak there. But you can meet strong players anyway.

On our opinion you shouldn’t go to PvP until you reach 5th or 7th level. That’s because when you are at low levels you don’t have enough skills and your gear is too weak. It’s better to pay attention to leveling and gearing first.

Some players may want to go PvP at higher levels. It’s also suitable strategy. If your character has 20th level you may even skip first areas in DZ and go to the zone that suits your strength. What about Rank? You will be able to earn Dark Zone Rank very fast because you will be receiving a lot of DZ Experience fighting with strong enemies.

Find a Team

Dark Zone is all about PvP. All the players you meet there will most likely be trying to kill you (especially if you have loot). That’s why you should find someone to play with. Having an ally is always great because you will be able to kill enemies faster and protect your loot from other players.

Largest group size in The Division is 4 people and if you are a member of such group you are OK. You can confront strong NPCs and other groups of Agents.

Use Dark Zone Vendors

DZ vendors can provide you with high end gear. Trading with them is a very important part of the game. The items you purchase from them can be used right after purchasing. You don’t need to extract them and you can’t lose them upon death. Find out more about traders in Dark Zone Vendors and Their Locations guide.

High End Weapon

Kill Rogues

Always kill Rogue agents. They are hostile and you can receive amazing rewards for killing them without going Rogue. When you kill such player you receive special bounty, portion of DZ experience, you may take his contaminated loot and some keys for unlocking chests. The reward depends on the Rogue Stage of player. If he is at highest 5th stage you are lucky. The prize you will get will be very good.

Killing Rogues is a very good way to earn large number of different stuff. That’s why you should pay strong attention to when to go rogue. There are situations when you may do this and there are situations when it’s better to stay away from killing friendly agents.  

Explore Territory

The map is full of different places. Explore them and you will be able find better gear, cosmetic items, ammo and chests. The chests contain different items and respawn at the same places. Some of them require keys for opening. Find out more about this in our Dark Zone Containers and Access Keys guide.

Be careful when you extract items

Extraction points attract a lot of players. Some of them wish to clean their loot while others wish to steal it. That’s why you should pay attention to when and where to extract your items. You may spend an hour collecting loot and lose it within minutes at the Extraction point.

Of course it’s better to be in a large group of players. Allies will always help to defend Extraction area from hostile enemies. Occupy the point and defend it from all approaching players.

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