How to team in Agario and win?

Solo play in Agario is interesting but challenging task. But sooner or later you will understand that playing in a team has its advantages and is also great. Many people hate teams but on my opinion if you wish to grow fast and dominate you need to have a good ally (or even several allies).

Note: I don’t say that solo gameplay sucks. If you know how to play you can dominate without any unions. But this article is about teams.

What advantages does teaming provide? There are several good reasons to get at least one bro:

  • It becomes easier to attack enemies. When you are alone, bombing someone is rather difficult and risky. But when you play in a group your friend may bomb and you may eat! It’s easier to steal mass and thus grow.
  • Ally can give you extra mass for rapid actions. For example extra mass may allow you to eat player with equivalent mass. Or to split-kill someone if the situation is good for this.
  • If you are in real trouble you can give your mass to your teammate and thus save it even if you will be killed. Teammate will return the mass after you recover. If your large ball was attacked by someone your ally will help to save mass. When your cell is large it moves slowly and enemies may bomb you using viruses. Teammate will always help to keep the mass in such situation.
  • Allies can “disarm” / destroy / eat viruses. A good friend will destroy the virus if he sees that someone may use it to attack you.
  • You can fight against other teams! In Agario any player can form an alliance anytime. When you play solo you are alone. Nobody will help you. If you are attacked by enemy team your chances to survive are low. One will be bombing you while the other will be eating. The only way to resist and dominate in this situation is to form a good team.

When to start?

There are no reasons to look for a teammate when you are small. You don’t have enough mass for serious actions, your speed is too fast and it’s difficult to help your bro, you may be eaten by almost any cell anytime. If you are small you should put all your efforts into growing. You can start forming unions after you collect 1000-1500 mass.

How to team?

All you need is to fly and throw small portions of your mass into other players by pressing “W” key. If the player responds and throws the mass back he is ready for teaming. I usually confirm the “agreement” by repeating the action for several times.

There is one thing that may help: don’t come close to large cells to offer friendship. You may be eaten fast. Agario is all about eating and if you are a sweet piece of cake other players may eat you regardless your desire to unite.

My experience shows that the best partnership occurs when people start teaming at relatively equal levels. For example you have 1700 mass and your ally has 1500.

It’s also recommended to offer friendship to cells with Nicknames. That’s because Nickname makes it easier to find a bro after he is eaten. If your friend is unnamed – you will not be able to identify his new cell after his death. That’s the reason why I never play without Nickname.

Sharing Mass — Rules and Penalties!

Being member of alliance means to help and support teammate. But many players make serious mistake. They share the mass too actively! They give all the mass to ally, then ally returns the mass back, then they repeat these actions. The result: all mass is gone, both players are small!

There is special penalty against teams in Agario!!! This penalty affects you when you start trade your mass with someone too actively. But there is a way to avoid this. If you want to dominate you shouldn’t give your mass to an ally without serious reason!!!

For example: you split-killed several cells and now your agar consists of two parts. Don’t give your second part to your teammate! It’s better to wait for some time until your parts unite and you become large. Strategy for your ally is the same. This will help you to keep your mass and you will avoid penalty.

If you have found a guy who understands this rule, you are lucky! Most of the players don’t know about this and continue trading their mass actively. Unfortunately this leads to rapid mass lost.

Of course there are situations when you have to give all your mass to your bro. If the situation requires such action – do it regardless any penalties.

How many allies to have?

Some players ask question about number of allies to team up with. You can have as many teammates as you wish, there are no restrictions. On my opinion it’s great to have a team with 3 players: you and 2 other guys. Such team is not large and all cells will be able to support each other.

Most Popular Tricks

If you play in a group you should know the most popular tricks that help to grow faster.

The first trick is one of the most popular. Your ally moves towards equal cell but when he reaches it he can’t eat it because of equal mass. You move behind him and support him with your mass at proper time. The image below shows how it works. After you press space ½ of your mass will go to your ally and he will eat the enemy instantly.


The second popular strategy is bombing enemy with a virus. You bomb and your ally eats. The image below shows how you may work together.


As you see teaming in Agario has many advantages. It’s one of the most popular strategies in the game despite on the penalties. You will see a lot of different alliances while playing and if you wish to resist and dominate you will have to build your own alliance.

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