Liberator - Best Assault Rifle for Skill Based Builds

Liberator is one of the coolest named weapons in The Division. It belongs to Assault rifles meaning it’s very effective at close to medium ranges.It’s based on M4 model which is also available in the game.

Unlike basic M4 the Liberator comes with great set of weapon talents and unique skin which is available to this weapon only. It’s painted with a silver paint that covers the majority of the weapon with couple of gold details and some black attachments. This skin looks really great.

Unlike SMGs that give critical chance bonus, assault rifles don’t give you any extra natural bonuses. But this is compensated by above average accuracy and reload speed.



  • Competent: weapon damage is increased by 13% for 10 seconds after using a skill. Requires 1417 Firearms and 1889 Electronics.
  • Dominant: every kill performed while your Signature skill is active reduces the cooldown of your other skills by 8%. Requires 1889 Firearms and 1889 Electronics.
  • Talented: when you kill someone with this weapon you receive 8% Skill Power increase for 13 seconds. The effect doesn’t stack. Killing new target refreshes timer. This talent is active and doesn’t have requirements.

Taking all the above talents into account we can say that Liberator is great to use when you rely on using skills. The reason for this is that it has locked talents and every crafting attempt will give you the same talents. You know what you will receive. If your build is about using skills you will be satisfied with this weapon.

Where to get?

Crafting is the best way of getting Liberator. You can purchase the blueprint fromSpecial Gear Vendor in the Base of Operations. You must be level 30 in order to benefit from this trader. Don’t forget that you will need Phoenix Credits in order to buy this recipe. If you don’t know where to get this end-game currency read The Division Phoenix Credits Farming.

Liberator Crafting Blueprint

After you purchase the blueprint go to crafting station. Crafting Liberator is similar to crafting any other weapon in the Division.

Resources: the blueprint will require 5 Weapon Parts and 3 Tools (High-end rarity).  Division Tech is not required.

There is randomness in crafting and every crafting attempt will give you different result. You will be receiving weapon with different characteristics. That’s why you will most likely have to do recraft the weapon several times until you get what you need.

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