Merry Potters: Progression and Gold Farming Guide

Merry Potters is one of crafting professions in Blade and Soul. This profession is very important because it provides items for other crafters. If you look through the list of recipes you will see that all other crafters use tools / items created by Merry Potters. Bowls are required by Silver Cauldron, Acquired Taste and Earthseers. Refiners are used by Forgekeepers, Radiant Ring and Soul Wardens. In general it is a great guild for any character despite specialization.

If you wish to select this profession you will need different resources. It’s recommended to master Green Thumbs and the Tree Fellers gathering specializations. Green Thumbs will provide you with Soil: Lake Mud, Earthen Clay and Tempered Clay. Tree Fellers will supply you with Sap: Yulan Magnolia Sap, Pine Sap and White Cedar Sap.


Merry Potters is great for any crafter regardless your main specialization. There are 7 crafting professions in Blade and Soul and all of them use items produced by Merry Potters. If you select this profession for your own you will always have what you need. It is a very good secondary specialization because it may provide resources for your core profession.

If you wish to select Merry Potters as your main specialization that’s also good idea.

Farming Gold

This profession provides several ways of making money. First of all, other crafters have to use items produced by Merry Potters. Every profession has recipes where different items produced by this guild are required. As you see there is good gold farming potential. You can craft the items and sell them using auction house. You will always have customers because other players will have to purchase your stuff. Items, created by this guild are always in demand.

The second reason to go with this guild is because it allows to craft Purification Jar which is used for Old Man Cho quest. This quest will increase your stamina a lot. You can sell this item using auction to gain gold. Selling this item is a pretty good way of earning money.

You can also craft Serpent Calling Bell which is also required for Old Man Cho quest. You can produce the bell but keep in mind that a player can receive this item as a random drop from any monster in The Cinderlands zone. That’s why selling this item may be not too profitable.

Serpent Calling Bell and Purification Jar

As you see this profession is a pretty nice choice for any player. It can be your primary or secondary specialization. Both variants are good and have advantages.

Joining and Leaving

You need to find Merry Potters‘ guild house in Jadestone Village. Once you arrive to this location open your map and you will see the guild house. Go there and talk to Junchudo. He will tell you some basic information about the guild and will offer you to join.

How to leave Merry Potters? All you need to leave any guild in Blade and Soul is to open crafting menu and find “Leave Guild” button in top part of the window. Click this button and confirm decision. Don’t forget that once you leave the guild all your current progress will be lost. If you return to this profession in future you will have to start from lowest level.

Some players have problems and can’t leave Merry Potters because the button is not active… Well that’s because you have uncompleted order. Wait until the order is finished or cancel it and you will be able to leave.

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