Midas: Best SMG for Tanks!

Midas is one of unique named High-end weapons in The Division. It belongs to Submachine Guns category and it’s great for attacking enemies at medium or close ranges. It’s based on T821 standard SMG.

All the named weapons in The Division are unique not only because they have their set of talents but also because they have unique skins that can’t be changed. Midas is painted with bright gold with some black-colored details.


After the game launch, this weapon had different talent. That talent made it really overpowered. This talent was removed in 1.0.2 game patch and now this weapon is not as strong as it used to be.  


Midas: Characteristics and Stats

Don’t forget that stats of your modification may differ because of your gear, mods and randomness!

  • Accuracy: is a little bit lower compared to other weapon archetypes. But it’s higher compared to other SMGs.
  • Reload Speed: is again a little bit higher compared to other Submachine Guns. It takes about 3 seconds to reload weapon without mods.
  • Range: is relatively low.
  • Stability: the gun is really easy to manage even without any mods.


  • Vicious: your Critical Hit chance is increased by 13% while at full health. This talent is always unlocked.
  • Self-Preserved: all critical hits with this weapon heal character for 3% of dealt damage. Require 1417 Firearms and 1889 Stamina. This skill is really amazing for managing health in combat. CMG has natural crit chance bonus and you will be firing critical hits pretty often.
  • Responsive: if you are closer than 10 meters to the target you deal 13% more damage. Require 2362 Firearms and 1417 Stamina. Taking in account previous talent that heals for 3% of damage dealt you can get even more healing.

Where to Get?

Unlike many other weapons this weapon can’t be crafted! You can get it only as random drop from named enemies within the Dark Zone. So the question of obtaining it depends on RNG. If you are lucky you may get it from the first boss you kill. But you will most likely have to spend some time until you get it. If you really want to own it – farm bosses and hope for the best. There is no other way.

Keep in mind that the weapon strength differs from drop to drop. You may receive really powerful modification while your friend may get an average one or vice versa. That’s because weapon characteristics have degree of randomness.

Final Recap

Is the weapon good and is it worth it? The answer is yes. Midas is one of the best High-end weapons in the game. It will help you a lot if you want to be a Tank. That’s because it allows to recover health and it is extremely effective at close ranges. If you have found this weapon in Dark Zone you should definitely extract and use it. Find out more about the best build for Tanks in The Division.



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