Overwatch: Deadeye

Deadeye in Overwatch is McCree’s Ultimate Ability. This guide will explain you the mechanics of the skill and will tell how to use it for receiving the best result.

This ultimate is very powerful but using it is a little bit tricky. All the abilities of McCree require perfect timing and Deadeye is not an exception. If you wish to use it with 100% effectiveness you must understand how it works and how to select perfect time for it.


This skill can be triggered by pressing Q button. When you press Q the cowboy slows down and enters special aiming mode. Maximum duration of this mode is 10 seconds. During this mode he aims all the enemies within his field of view with bullseye mark. At first every mark is large but become smaller and smaller fast. 

The damage all the marked enemies will receive depends on the size of the circle. The smaller it is the more damage enemies will take. When the mark becomes very small a skull icon appears in the center of the circle. That means that enemy will take lethal damage.


Now, when you are satisfied with the aims, you need to press primary attack key and McCree will start a series of rapid shots. Every marked player will take damage depending on how he was marked. If there was a skull icon on him, he will immediately die.

This aiming mode can last up to 10 seconds. During this period you need to trigger attacking or the ability will be cancelled. If it’s cancelled you will lose a part of your Ultimate, but not all. You will still have 50% of the energy. You can also cancel the skill yourself by pressing RMB. Deadeye can also be interrupted by stun. In all these cases you will lose some Ultimate.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The greatest advantage of this skill is that you can take down all the enemies in your field of view very fast. If your position is good and enemies don’t see where you are, you can kill them all.

There are also some disadvantages: while in aiming mode McCree slows down and can’t use other abilities. He becomes a very attractive goal for all surrounding foes.

The other disadvantage is that all the attacks are treated like regular revolver shots meaning an enemy can hide behind a wall or corner while McCree is aiming. If the enemy is hidden, the bullseye mark becomes dark and that enemy will not take damage. But if the target leaves the cover and McCree can see it again, it will be attacked upon skill activation


  • Deadeye skill requires perfect timing. If you use it in time you may take down multiple foes.
  • It’s better to use this ability when the hero stands above the ground level. This allows him to see more and be less attractive.  

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