Overwatch: Reaper - Full Guide

Reaper is one of the heroes in Overwatch. He is human assassin with dual shotguns who moves like a ghost destroying enemies and leaching life from their corpses. His face is covered with strange mask and he wears hood on the head. This make him look dangerous. His Hellfire Shotguns can shot one by one allowing to shot 8 times before reloading and deal great amount of damage at close range. This Reaper guide will explain how to play, use abilities, select targets and dominate with this great hero.


This assassin is famous for his mobility. He has a great skill which allows him to move throughout battlefield without taking any damage. He is able to teleport from one place to another within his field of view. If you like mobility than this hero is what you need.


There are several abilities that differ him from other heroes in Overwatch. Here is a list of all his skills and attacks:


The Reaping


The Reaping (Passive Skill) 

Every time you kill someone red Soul Globe spawns near enemy’s corpse. Consume it to recover 50 HP instantly. This skill is passive and works all the time you play. It allows Reaper to survive in areas without Health Packs. This passive affects your playing strategy: your primary goal is eliminating low health enemies to benefit from Reaping. Especially if you fight against multiple enemies.


With this ability Reaper depends on the series of kills for maintaining his health. This is his weak point. If another hero can stop his spree the player will be in trouble.


Other palyers don't see Soul Globes and can't consume them. Thus you have guaranteed HP booster after you take down a foe.

Hellfire Shotguns


Hellfire Shotguns [LMB] 

Press LMB to attack enemy with your primary weapons. Double shotguns have 4 bullets each and you can shot 8 times before you have to reload.


Shotguns in all games are for small and medium range combat and Overwatch is not an exception. You have to be close to the enemy if you wish your attacks to deal maximum damage. If you are far from your opponent large portion of damage will be lost. The shotguns become almost useless if the distance is too high. This is where mobility skills will help :)

Shadow Step


Shadow Step [E]

Allows your hero to fast travel / teleport from your current position to any place within your current field of view. Many players underestimate importance of this ability. But believe me, it’s a real game changer. You can avoid any defensive object of your opponents, for example turrets. The turrets are protected with shields from the front, but they are weak from the back side. It’s possible to teleport behind the turret and destroy it fast.


This ability has two minuses: casting takes time and it’s pretty apparent to all nearby enemies. Your final destination is very easy to identify and enemies can benefit from it. They can throw a grenade or get ready to attack you after you teleport. That’s why it’s important to Shadow Step carefully. Make sure you are in safe place and teleport to safe place.


All the minuses of Shadow Step make this skill difficult to use in time. Moreover, player has to know the map in order to teleport effectively. Don’t ignore Custom Games; they will help you to find out great places for using Shadow Step.

Wraith Form


Wraith Form [SHIFT]

Is one of the most effective abilities for escaping or for catching enemy. When you press Shift your character transforms into shadow. Enemies can’t damage you and you also can’t deal damage or use skills while you are in this form. But your movement speed increases and you can move through enemies.  


Pay attention: when Wraith Form is active enemies still see you, you don’t disappear entirely. That’s important to keep in mind. This ability also removes all negative effects from your character upon activation. As you see the skill has many positive effects and it is one of the most frequently used by players.

Death Blossom


Death Blossom [Q]

It’s an Ultimate Ability of Reaper. When you activate it the hero starts attacking all surrounded enemies very fast. He shots in all directions and thus can kill multiple enemies in very short period of time. Keep in mind that using this skill doesn’t make Reaper invulnerable, your enemies can still kill you and interrupt your spree.


This skill is great to use when you are surrounded by multiple opponents and they have low health. In this situation you can harvest multiple kills fast.


The attacks you perform with Death Blossom are treated like regular attacks with Shotguns, so if the target is protected by shields or barriers the damage you deal will be lower or even blocked. Make sure your foes don’t have a cover where they can hide.


Keep in mind that this Ultimate Ability requires recharging. After you use the skill you will see recharging progress bar with percentage scale. The ability recharges only when you deal or take damage. If you just run and don’t participate in the encounters your ultimate attack will not be recharging. 

All class abilities make this hero perfect choice for solo gameplay. You will be traveling around the battlefield searching for players with low health and finishing them. The ability to transform into the shade makes this hero great for getting behind enemy lines.


Wraith Form [SHIFT] + Death Blossom [Q]: this combo allows you to get close to enemies without taking damage and attack them at full health. The main reason for using this combo is that Death Blossom doesn’t make you invulnerable when you activate it and you may be taken down fast. If you see a group of enemies not far you have to get close to them before using Death Blossom. If you just run you will be killed pretty fast. Or you will be killed in the early beginning of your Ultimate Attack.

Ultimate ability is difficult to recharge and you must use it with 100% effectiveness.  If you use Wraith Form for getting close you start attacking enemies with Death Blossom having full HP. Now you are more difficult to kill and you have higher chances of destroying foes.


Though Reaper has high mobility and damage output he has his weaknesses. Here is a list of heroes who can confront this deadly assassin and dominate him in some situations:

  • Roadhog
  • McCree
  • Mei
  • Zarya


  • Use Shadow Step and Wraith Form to get behind enemies’ defensive objects (turrets and tanks). The turrets are protected with shield from the front. If you attack it from the front you have to break the shield first. But Reaper can teleport / move behind the object and destroy it without dealing with shields. Very useful for taking down hostile defensive objects.

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