Security Wing: Activation, Skills and Security Supplies

Security Wing is one of 3 wings in Base of Operations in The Division. It allows to unlock Security skills, skill mods and perks. This wing is a must have for all players who prefer role of Tank and Damage Dealer.

When you first enter your base of Operations this section is offline. You need to activate it in order to benefit from bonuses it gives. If you wish to make it active you need to complete special mission and save NPC who will put it online. After this you will be able to upgrade it.

Security Wing

Reasons to Upgrade

Your character has large number of different abilities but most of them are locked. When you start playing The Division most of the skills are not available. Only Base of Operations upgrades can give you access to these locked skills. Security Wing upgrades give you access to different protection skills and skill mods.

The upgrades you purchase also unlock different perks. They are very important because they permanently increase power of your character. You don’t need to trigger them. They are active permanently.

As other 2 wings, Security Wing has 10 possible upgrades. See the list below:

UpgradeSupplies CostUnlocked Skills and UpgradesUnlocked Perks
Situation Room500

Smart Cover (Skill) – reinforces a cover, decreasing damage revived by allies behind. Also increases damage you deal.

Experienced Agent – you receive 10% more experience from all activities.

Mobile Cover – when used, sets a temporary shield for 1 person. The shield stays active until it is destroyed.

Grenades – you can carry 1 more Grenade.


Advanced Weaponry – unlocks advanced weapons vendor at BoO


Survivor link – a buff that temporary increases resistance to damage and speed of the user and all allies around him.

Combat Veteran – 25% increase XP gain from accolades
Supply Line400

Recharger (Smart Cover Mod) – when allies use reinforced cover their skills have faster cooldowns and health also regenerates faster.

Clothes Vendor – you can now use services of clothes vendor in BoO


Explosive Bullets – Increase duration of Explosive Bullets effect by 10 seconds.


Gunsmith – collect weapon parts (material for crafting) in the Security Wing once per hour.

Dark Zone Ops400 

Hazardous Materials – Increase Dark Zone inventory by 1 slot.


Black Market Vendor – unlocks Dark Zone fund purchases in the Base of Operations

Procurement Team200

Steady Hands (Talent) – When you enter any cover your recoil reduces by 25% for 10 seconds.


On The Move (Talent) – if you kill a hostile while moving you receive a buff that reduces incoming damage by 30% for 10 seconds.

Scavenger – you can access Scavenger Box in the Security wing and take different items once per hour there.

Guard Post 200

Precision (Talent) – if you headshot an enemy you will pulse him for 10 seconds.


Chain Reaction (Talent) – if you deal damage to multiple targets with an explosion, 40% more damage will be applied.

Incendiary Bullets – increase duration of Incendiary Bullets effect by 10 seconds.


Special Ammo – Supply Line allows to collect Explosive and Incendiary bullets once per hour.

Shooting Range200

Desperate Times (Talent) – when your health is low blind fire accuracy increases by 25%


Stopping Power (Talent) – when you suppress an enemy headshot danage increases by 25% for 10 seconds.

Shooting Range – Train in Marksmanship at the Shooting Range
Canine Unit200

Repo Reaper (Talent) – when you kill enemy with sidearm you receive 1 magazine for your primary weapon.


One is None (Talent) – your headshots have 50% to not consume a bullet.

Intel Discovery – you can see all undiscovered Intel on the map when you complete all Side Missions and Encounters in a Named Zone.

CollectorAll Upgrades

Increase Scavenging by 15%


Security Supplies

As you see in the above list, every upgrade has its cost. But the cost is not in Dark Zone funds or Division funds. You need to accumulate specialSecurity Supplies in order to purchase Security Wing upgrades. This currency can be earned by completing Security Missions and Security Encounters. It’s the only way to receive this special currency. You can’t loot it from NPCs or from other players.

Where to find the missions and encounters? You can use your global map for this. They are marked with special icons there. You can also get useful information about what’s happening around from Situation reports in Base of Operations.

Pay Attention: Security supplies are used for the only Purpose in the game – purchasing Security Wing upgrades. You can’t spend it for upgrading Medical or Tech wing.

What upgrades to buy first? It’s all up to you. You can purchase the updates in the order you wish. Some of the upgrades have requirements. If you can’t decide what to purchase, look through the list of bonuses every update gives. This will help to make a decision.

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