Star Citizen: Download and Installation Guide

Star Citizen is a game that gives you a lot of different opportunities. It’s space simulator with interesting gameplay where player can travel, trade, explore space and fight against other players. This guide will help you to create new account, download Star Citizen and get started.

Right now the game is in Alpha stage and is not finished yet. Many features are still in development but you can play the game anyway. Alpha version is absolutely playable.

There is one thing you should know: the game consists of several parts called Modules. Right now each module represents separate type of activity. For example Arena Commander Module allows to fly in spacecraft fighting against other player’s spacecrafts (PvP area). Final version of the game will have 6 modules (or even more). Developers release the modules one by one and each must be downloaded.

Free Disc Space

The game consists of modules and the more modules developers release the more free space will be required. Right now there are 2 big modules available: Hangar and Arena Commander. You will need at least 50 GB of free disc space in order to download and install the game launcher itself, hanger module, arena commander module and patches.

Please note, the requirements will be changed after developers release new modules. The more modules the game has, the more space will be required for installation.

It is great if you have 60 GB of free space or even more. 60 GB will guarantee that you will not face with unexpected difficulties and not enough space errors. You may think that 60 GB for a single game is too much, but don’t worry. After the game is installed it occupies about 20 GB, but you need 60 GB of free space for the installation purposes.

They say that the game will occupy about 100 GB after it is released. This may be a speculation, but anyway right now you need at least 50 GB of free disc space in order to download and install everything successfully.

How to Download Star Citizen?

First of all you need to visit official website of the game: This page will help you to download Star Citizen and start playing. Scroll down and you will see a list of required steps.


1) Before you start downloading you need to create player’s account. Account creation process is standard. You will be asked to specify Login ID, Public Nickname, e-mail, password and several details about you. If you have already registered just sign in and continue.

2) The second step is selecting a Game Package. It’s a very important step. Your package determines starting conditions of your character, his spacecrafts, digital and physical bonuses. Right now there are 32 different packages available! Prices vary from $30 up to $15 000 USD! What are the differences?

  • Spacecrafts — Star Citizen is space simulator and it’s impossible to be astronaut without a space ship. Every player must have a ship in the beginning. Different packages contain different spaceships and some of them contain several spacecrafts.
  • Beta access – the cheapest Aurora MR package ($30) doesn’t offer beta access. If you want to play the game during beta you need to purchase a Package with beta access. So you need to buy at least Aurora ES package.
  • Arena Commander Pass – some low cost packages don’t offer Arena Commander Pass. That means you will not be able to fight against other players using Arena Commander. Packages with Arena Commander Pass start at $45 USD. The pass can also be purchased separately for $5 USD.
  • Starting Money – there is special in game currency: United Earth Credits (UEC). Different packages offer different amount of starting money (UEC) your character will have.
  • Digital Content – different packages offer different digital content like soundtracks, posters and maps.
  • Physical Content – posters and other stuff.

On our opinion the best packages for a beginner will be Aurora MR AC Starter and Mustang Alpha AC Starter. Both cost $45 USD. The money you spend for purchasing a package will be used for developing and maintaining the game. Both packages offer beta access and arena pass. The difference is the spacecraft you receive: Aurora MR and Mustang Alpha.

Now you need to select between two space ships: Aurora MR and Mustang Alpha. Both have the same price and have similar characteristics. Which of them is better – it’s you to decide. But don’t be afraid to make wrong decision. You can swap between these 2 ships back and forth at zero cost after you download and install Star Citizen. If you select Aurora MR you can swap to Mustang Alpha and vice versa anytime. The number of such “swaps” is unlimited and you can switch between these space ships many times. Our recommendation is to try both.

Star Citizen allows to “swap” not only between Aurora MR and Mustang Alpha. There are other “swap” opportunities. You can see all of them at Cross Class Upgrades section.

After selecting your plan, add it to shopping cart and continue to checkout. After this you will be asked to fill your personal details and billing information. This billing information will be used for purchasing your starting spaceship and for other purchases at RSP web store. For example if you want to purchase extra ships or upgrades.


Now you have a ship connected with your account and you can start downloading the game itself. You will need at least 50 GB of free disc space available in order to download and install the whole game with all patches and modules (launcher, hanger, arena commander and patches).

As you know Star Citizen consists of different modules. Right now two of them are available, but developers will be adding new modules when they are ready. They are planning to develop 6 modules in total and you will need to download each when it’s ready.


After the downloading process id finished you can run the game from your PC. You will need internet connection in order to play.

Errors and Troubleshooting

If you faced with an error while downloading Star Citizen feel free to contact customers support. Contact form is located here:

Note: most of the downloading errors occur because of not enough disc space. Try to free more space and run the downloading once again. We recommend to have 60 GB of free disc space. Here are the most common errors a player can face with while downloading:

Unable to Download Manifest Error — try to free extra disc space.

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