Star Citizen: Keyboard Controls

Many of Star Citizen fans play the game on PC. This platform is great because it’s relatively easy to control the character and the ship using keyboard. As you know the game is rather huge. It consists of many modes (modules) and the controls layout is complicated. A new player will have to spend some time learning the keys before diving deep into the game. That’s why this guide is written.

Keyboard Controlls Layout

Where to find actual layout? You can always find latest layout at RSI website in special Arena Commander Pilot’s Manual. This manual contains all the information about AC you need to know before starting.

System Controls

  • ESC: access menu. In most of the modes except Hangar this also pauses the game. In Hangar mode there is no pause.
  • Insert: changes camera views from 3rd person to 1st person and vice versa.
  • `: key for opening console. Pay attention: using console commands can break the game. Yse them carefully.
  • F: use ley. When you hover something and see “Use” icon, press F key to use.
  • Ctrl + F: exit ship / station


  • W, A, S, D: move in different directions. Standard combination for most games
  • Shift: your character runs when you hold it
  • Ctrl: press to toggle crouch
  • Space: jump
  • Caps Lock: toggles between walking and jogging
  • F2: Augmented Reality
  • F10: activates HUD
  • F12: open Chat interface to communicate with others and to use Emotions
  • F11: contact list


  • W, A, S, D: move and turn in different directions
  • Shift: speed boost (similar to sprint)
  • O: use lights
  • H: horn


  • W, S: throttle up / back
  • Q, E: strafe left / right
  • R, F: strafe Up / down
  • A, D: roll left / right
  • N: toggle Landing system. Read Star Citizen: How to Land? for more details.
  • M: toggle auto pilot. Used for landing in Automated mode.


  • T: cycle hostile targets
  • Y: cycle all targets
  • U: cycle pinned targets
  • G: pin target
  • H: cycle friendly targets back
  • J: cycle radar focus forward
  • K: cycle radar focus back
  • L: target focus
  • C: nearest hostile
  • V: focus target reticule
  • M: match target velocity
  • .: radar zoom 


  • Num 7: top shields
  • Num 8: fore shields
  • Num 9: bottom shields
  • Num 4: left shields
  • Num 5: equalize shields
  • Num 6: right shields
  • Num 2: rear shields

Mouse Wheel

  • Scroll: Zoom in / out
  • Click in Combat mode: acquire missile lock
  • Hold in Combat mode: fire missile
  • Click in Landing mode: request Landing / take off
  • Click in Spectator mode: switch to the next mode

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