Star Citizen: Which Package to Buy?

Star Citizen is a huge game. It’s a large Sci-Fi MMO with RPG and shooter elements. The game has several modules and a newcomer usually doesn’t know where to start. He comes to RSI website, sees different ships and doesn’t understand what to do. Read this guide if you are in similar situation.

Game Packages

The core thing that really matters is which package to buy. There are many packs with different prices. The cheapest starts at about $45 and the most expensive will cost you $15 000! The difference is so huge because every package offers different amount of ships and bonuses. The cheapest will offer you basic access to the game with a single ship. More expensive options will offer you more ships and more digital bonuses. Which of them is the best for a beginner?

Which Package to buy

So the main question is: which Star Citizen package should you buy? The short answer is: I recommend to start with the cheapest one. The reason for going small is because the cheapest option offers everything you need for starting and playing the game without any obstacles.

This is what the cheapest option Aurora MR SC Starter offers:

  • Aurora MR Spaceship
  • SelfLand Hangar
  • Starting Money: 1,000 UEC (in game currency)
  • 3 Month Insurance
  • Digital Star Citizen Manual
  • Star Citizen Digital Download (Access to the game)

You receive a spacecraft you can use for traveling and fighting. You receive starting in-game money. You receive access to the game itself. As you see all you need for trying the game is included.

Is there a reason to buy more expensive package right from the start? I don’t think so. Why you should pay $125 for Hornet F7C if you can start playing for $45? Yes, Hornet is a better space ship, but are you sure you will not abandon the game after playing for a week?


The other reason for purchasing cheapest package is that you can always upgrade to more expensive option by simply paying difference in price. The option to upgrade to higher package is available anytime. If you start with cheapest $45 Aurora MR and then decide to upgrade to $125 Freelancer pack you will have to pay only $80.

So here is your strategy: you purchase the cheapest option and start plying Star Citizen. If you like the game you may always upgrade to better package. As you see game developers offer really friendly conditions.

I recommend the cheapest option but there are 2 cheapest packages: Mustang Alpha Starter and Aurora MR Starter. Which of them is the best? You can select any; the difference is in the spacecraft you receive. The reason for going with any is because you can switch between packages with the same cost for free. Try Mustang Alpha, and then switch to Aurora MR anytime without any cost.

When you select a game package make sure you purchase Starting Package, NOT Standalone Ship. Standalone Sip doesn’t provide access to the game. It’s an option for those who have already purchased Starter Pack and wish to add new spacecraft to their collection. Use this link for making a purchase:

Getting Ships in the Game

When you make a decision about which starter pack to buy you should keep in mind that ALL the ships can be eared with in-game credits. If you start with Mustang Alpha you will not have to fly on it during the whole game until you purchase next ship for real money. You can progress, earn United Earth Credits (UEC) and spend them for purchasing better ships. This is not easy, this will require a lot of time, efforts, team work and luck but it’s possible to get all the ships for in-game money.

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