Tech Wing: Activation, Skills and Tech Supplies

Tech Wing is one of 3 wings in Base of Operations in The Division. It allows to access new Tech skills and perks. You need to pay attention to upgrading this wing if you wish to be good damage dealer.

Tech Wing Upgrades

As other 2 wings it is disabled by default in the beginning. When you visit Base of operations for the first time it will be in offline mode. You will have to complete special mission in order to activate it. This mission is called Subway Morgue. The objective there is to find and save Paul Rhodes. He is an engineer and he will bring your Tech Wing online.

Reasons to Upgrade

As you know there are a lot of locked abilities and perks in the Division. When you start playing the game you can’t use all the skills and mods. You need to upgrade your Base of Operations in order to unlock them. Tech Wing upgrades give you access to new attacking abilities and skill mods.

All the updates also unlock new perks! Perks are important because they give permanent bonuses to your character and you don’t need to trigger them.

There are possible 10 upgrades. The list below contains all the upgrades with the advantages they give:

UpgradeSupplies CostUnlocked Skills and UpgradesUnlocked Perks
Control Room500

Turret (Skill) – Deploys a Stationary Turret that attacks nearby hostile until it is destroyed or its battery runs out.

Inventory — Increase inventory by 10 slots.
Communications500Seeker Mine (Skill) — releases automated mine that seeks out enemy before exploding on proximity.Hazardous Materials – Increase Dark Zone inventory by 1 slot.

Division Tech

(req. Control Room and Communications)

1000Tactical Link (Skill) – special buff which temporarily increases critical hit chance and damage of character and nearby allies.Division Tech Materials – Convert Division Tech crating material into other materials at the crafting station.


Engineer – Collect Electronics (material for crafting) in the Tech Wing once per hour.


(req. Communications)


BFB (Sticky Bomb Mod) – Makes sticky bomb stronger by increasing damage and explosion radius. Also may apply bleeding to enemy.


Flashbang (Sticky Bomb Mod) – ads non-lethal effect that disrupts and blinds all affected targets.


Proximity Fuse (Sticky Bomb Mod) – when an enemy appears within range the bomb detonates automatically.

Soda – Increase effect of Soda consumable by 10 seconds.

Water Purification

(req. Control Room)


Active Sensor (Turret Mod) – increases damage of your Turret and marks attacked targets making them visible to your allies.


Dragonbreath (Turret Mod) – reduces the range but now the turret shots enemies with flame.


Zapper (Turret Mod) – turret shots electrical darts that damage and shock multipole targets.

Water – Increase duration of Water consumable effect by 10 seconds.

Field Engineering

400 Craftsman – Collect Tools (material for crafting) in the Tech Wing once per hour.

Central Heating


Tactical Advance (Talent) – complete a cover to cover move to increase weapon damage by 2% per meter covered for 10 seconds.


Demolition Expert (Talent) – if you kill an enemy with explosion you receive a 15 seconds buff which increases explosion damage by 40%

Energy Bar – Increase duration of Energy Bar consumable effect by 10 seconds.



Police Up (Talent) – Kill an enemy with any skill for a 25% chance of auto-refilling all ammo types to capacity.


Fear Tactics (Talent) – when you apply Shock to the enemy there is a 30% chance to apply Shock to all targets in 10 meter radius around it.

Resource Assessment – reveals all Division Tech crafting nodes on Dark Zone map.



Evasive Action (Talent) – incoming damage is reduced by 30% during cover to cover mode.


Tech Support (Talent) – Killing a hostile while any skill is deployed will extend duration of any active skills by 10%.

Stat Switch – you can now switch item stats ay Recalibration Station.

Recharge Center


Wildfire (Talent) – If you apply Burning DoT to any target triggers a 30% chance to apply Burn to all enemies within 10 meter radius.


Death by Proxy (Talent) – If you destroy a skill deployed by enemy your skill power increases by 20% for 30 seconds.

Dark Zone Funds – increase amount of Dark Zone funds you receive from looting by 10%.

Tech Supplies

You need to pay special fee in order to purchase an upgrade. But this fee is not in Division Dollars or Dark Zone Funds. You need to spend Tech Supplies for this. You can earn this currency by completing Tech Missions and Tech Encounters. It’s the only way to receive this currency, so if you wish to progress this wing you will have to participate in these missions.

Where to find these missions? Open your map. They will be marked with special icons. You can also use situation reports in Base of Operations to find out what’s going around. There are also special boards in the game which also give you actual information about what’s happening in different districts.

Pay Attention: Tech Supplies is an exclusive currency used for purchasing Tech Wing upgrades only! You can’t spend it in order to upgrade Medical or Security Wings.

What upgrades to buy first? There is no strict order. The first upgrade is Control Room and you will have to begin with it. But all further upgrades don’t have order. Some of the updates have requirements so keep this in mind. If you don’t know what section to purchase look through the list of the skills and bonuses each section grants. If you like to use Sticky Bombs purchase Generators update which unlocks 3 cool mods for Sticky Bombs.

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