The Best Skyrim PERFORMANCE & FPS Increasing Mods

What's Good. It's Fevir. A lot of times modding is to add or improve what Skyrim already is… push the game to it's limit.

open it up to the community's imagination… but other times. Skyrim itself.

is too much for your computer to handle. In this video I'll be going over a list of the bevvst mods I've found… to help you improve your FPS and performance… for Skyrim… for the special edition.

although a lot of this works for original Skyrim… updated for 2017. The thing to keep in mind… is that sometimes these type of fixes will do nothing and sometimes they'll do everything.

The Best Skyrim PERFORMANCE & FPS Increasing Mods - 2017

troubleshooting and optimization is a crapsgame… you might be bottle necked by VRAM and so mods to ease that strain will help… but if you're bottlenecked by something else… those same mods do nothing. But… we'll start the list off with some textures. Easily one of the biggest drains on low end computer that tend to be bottlenecked by their graphics cards. I have a few recommendations here.

To begin with, Simply Optimized Textures for SSE is a great choice. What this mod does is change the way and how certain files are saved… in an effort to free up VRAM while making zero changes to the quality of the texture. Overall… and I won't be able to give you numbers for most of the mods on the list. This will free up about 100mb of VRAM..

with zero quality loss. Another option here… is Project Optimized Textures for Skyrim Special Edition. This has a fantastic all in one launcher which allows you to pick different thresholds of quality in case you need to not only optimize… but downgrade the graphics… say you already tried Simply Optimized Textures and it wasn't enough. This mod even at base level… should have a larger impact than the prior mod because it takes steps to actually alter textures… by compressing them and downscaling to save… sometimes.

90% of the size of a texture… with results ranging from… you can't tell a difference… to a slight difference.

and of course… the mod has extreme optimization which you'll clearly see a downgrade. I'll also point out Bethesda Performance Textures… not officially from Bethesda… but from a very talented modder, Gamwich- and these act as an inbetween point from standard textures to high resolution textures… or a slight downgrade in the Special Edition version of Skyrim- also incredibly well optimized… and unlike the prior mod this has a module for Armor, Clothes and Weapons ` Unfortunately… now we're done altering and we're going to start just removing stuff. Starting with Insignificant Object Remover.

Praise Dhalsim for this mod as it replaced a number of mods you might have used in original Skyrim. Coming from Fallout 4- this mod continues to just remove… shit you don't notice or need rendered by your computer. It works to remove close to 30% of the supporting… accent things… like stones or bushes. It doesn't make the world look totally barren and doesn't change the topography.

it seems to target things you don't notice anyway… like underwater seaweed… even if you are on land next to the water and can't see under it… that seaweed was a strain on the system. Underwater seaweed is one thing… grass is another. Removing grass can really start to make the game feel empty.

but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. I would first try using the mod Less Grass and Such. It seems to remove a good deal of grass and works in tandem with Insignificant Object Remover… and I guess.

if all else fails you can learn to muck around in the INIs to make grass even more sparse… just google grass INI edits… or you can brute for the console command of TG to.

just toggle the grass off. This next mod, Remove Clouds… might seem like a bit of overkill… as clouds.

man. They should be there. Interestly… the removal of them doesn't downgrade the appearance of the game too much… and does give you a bump in performance… Next on the hit list… is fog- we're looking at Remove Interior Fog v2 and Interior and Dungeon Fog Remover and Revamped Exterior Fog. I love fog in games.

it adds to the atmosphere… it alters the way things look and feel as well as how it looks and plays with light. Unfortunately… all that good stuff… requires your computer to work hard. Removing that fog… effects your system way more than just removing any old thing. These 3 mods will do their best to remove or minimize the effects that can happen.

You can also… in regards to exterior fog- use a console command like… setfog 0,8888888 to push back where fog starts.

A cool thing about fog… is you may even prefer the way the game looks without it… it's almost like removing a blur. Which we're about to do anyways… with the mod No More Radial Blur. So the game utilizes this slight blurring effect during kill moves, quick movement… turning.

a bunch of other places… this and Depth of Field… which you should turn off as well by the way if you're performance minded… are things that resource heavy.

for the effect… that importantly… take place where performance is more important or noticable… like say… combat. Again.

like fog… this is a mod people use even without caring about performance… because Radial Blur sucks. There is a setting for this in the INI but it doesn't actually work. But speaking to INIs… I don't want to go over them in crazy detail… but slight detail is warrents as the next mod on the list is BethINI. I've spoken about BethINI before. This isn't technically a mod.

it's an INI wizard. If you aren't familiar with INI files… they are basically a collection of settings for your game. They list everything from the games resolution… to how many pixels you want shadows to draw from… to the amount of grass that gets rendered. Incredibly customizable things that people can spend as much time modding as their game.

modding your INI files can reap some huge benefits in performance… in stability… even in quality of your game. BethINI does a lot of the heavy lifting for you.

you just run the wizard- choose a setting… and it will alter your INI files for you… and make backups of your old ones in case it breaks something. Trust me… this is a god send.

And I guess lastly… we're not technically dealing with a mod… although Frame Rate Stutter Fix… technically has a mod page… we're tackling the problem which is the vsync and frame locking of Skyrim… that for whatever reason only really wants to play out in 30FPS or 60FPS.

this quirk can lead to weird stuttering… awkward FPS… and just a very clunky display. You can tackle this in a number of ways… staying true to mods… ENB settings… so not fully installing a profile but the pre-requistites that you can get from the ENB website will allow you a measure of control… but you can also use AMD or NVIDIA software to force those programs to instead be in charge of frame locking.

I'll put some links in the description… for more information So we'll go ahead and wrap up there. Optimization of your Skyrim game can happen a lot in the INIs and in the types of settings and understanding of what's performance hungry and how much it 'costs'… where you can then pick and choose what's important to you.

Things like Shadows or Godrays are very resource heavy and turning them off… could have a greater effect then removing radial Blur. Optimizing and increasing FPS is something that you are going to deal with as a modder as you add and add and add to your game… and understanding what's important to you and how it effects your game is vital so you can make hard cuts. Until next time… this is Fevir. Peace.

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