The Division: Best Sniper Rifle You Can Loot

This article will tell you about one of the best sniper rifles in the Division: Classic M1A Marksman. It is not the best weapon. High end weapon that can be purchased from Dark Zone vendors is slightly better but this M1A is the best gun you can obtain through looting system! You can take it from killed NPC and it’s pretty nice.

Why having good sniper rifle is important? The reason is because when you play the Division you have to participate in large number of different encounters and most of them will be long rage. Your enemies will stand far from you. If you have sniper rifle you can start attacking them from distance.

In Dark Zone many players will try to snipe you and if you don’t have weapon to counter snipe them you will be in trouble.


Best Sniper Rifle

This weapon can be a good alternative to your shotgun. When you use a shotgun you have to come close to enemies. But if you take M1A you can attack them from distance and that’s better. You will be able to take them down before they approach.

Classic M1A is great as a secondary weapon. You can use good Assault Rifle as your primary weapon for most of the encounters while M1A will be for attacking enemies at high distance.

The only disadvantage of this weapon is small magazine. Only 10 bullets. But this disadvantage is not too serious. Don’t forget that this weapon has great speed and damage. This compensates small magazine.

Recommended Mods

  • Extended Magazine – this is a good modification because it allows have more bullets. But sometimes magazines come with damage bonus and rate of fire bonus. If you have found a magazine that increases damage use it. It’s much better bonus than increasing fire rate or magazine size.
  • Long Range Optic – is a very important modification for a sniper rifle. There are a lot of different sights in the game but you need to select one with the highest zoom rate. That’s because you wish you rifle to be as much effective at longer range as possible. X12 zoom is the best option.


Classic M44 Carbine can be good alternative. It is a very good gun. The main difference between M1A and M44 is that M44 deals higher headshot damage (almost 2 times more) while the fire rate is much lower. If you prefer higher damage — Classic M44 Carbine is a very good choice. But in most cases M1A Marksman Rifle is better because of fire rate. Just compare: 55 over 328!

Classic M44 Carbine can be used if you like to wait and take your time for a perfect head shot. That’s because of low fire rate. Every shot is more important to land and that’s why you must shot in time!

The Division offers you a lot of different weapons. We recommend to try all of them to decide which one is better for you.

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