The Division: Best Tank Build

The Division doesn’t have classes. You start the game, level up and progress. You can choose any playstyle and change it over time. Everything depends on what gear and what skills you use. You may start as a damage dealer, than respec to support and finish the game as a tank. This article will tell you the best build for tanking in The Division.

Threat / Aggro

What’s the main objective for any Tank? The main objective is keeping Aggro. If you have played MMO games before you know that tanks use different skills that generate a lot of Aggro and attract attention of the enemies. If a tank is good then enemies will attack him and his allies will stay untouched.

However in the Division even with weapon mods that increase threat it’s very difficult to maintain agro 100% of the time. Especially if you have strong teammates with Top-end gear… Anyway if you have the best tank build task of maintaining agro and surviving becomes easier.

Best Tank Build


The most important attribute of any Tank is always Stamina! More stamina means more health and the more health you have the more shots are required to kill you. But focusing on only one attribute is usually not enough. You have two options. Your next attribute is Firearms if you wish to be more combat focused. If you wish to be support you may go with Electronics. Both options are great and depend on your playstyle. But your main attribute is Stamina anyway.

The advantage of going with Firearms is that it allows you to maintain high Weapon damage. This is always great, especially if your group has good healer.


Armor is one of the most important stat for your survivability because of damage mitigation. You need to get as many Armor as possible. Having a lot of health without armor is not the best idea… The max mitigation value is 65% so try to come as close as possible to this value. High armor value is great for any build, but it’s extremely important for Tanks!


  • First Aid with Booster Shot: Temporarily increases damage for the affected targets in addition to the normal healing effect. It also boosts damage resistance. You may want to take this skill because if this resistance bonus which may help when you fight in close range combat.

Now you may want to take some crowd control skills. Controlling enemies is a very important part of the game. There are several great options:

  • Turret with Zapper: shots electrical darts that damage and shock multiple enemies. Keep in mind that this choice is great if you go with Electronics (Skill Power). For Firearms based build this is not the best choice.
  • Sticky Bomb with Flashbang: is great for low skill power build. If your choice is Firearms then you may go with this skill.
  • Seeker Mine with Gas Charge: also great for high Firearms.
  • Signature skill: Survivor Link – increase damage resistance and speed. This skill is extremelu usefull and will save your life in tough situations.


  • Critical Save: if you use medkit at low health you gain extra 40% of damage resistance for short period of time. This is the most important talent for any Tank.
  • Adrenaline: gives an overheal if you use medkit when not at full health.
  • On the Move: if you kill enemy while moving incoming damage is reduced by 30% for 10 seconds. If you use SMG you will benefit from this talent a lot!
  • For the last talent you have 2 options: Battle Buddy: revive downed agent to reduce incoming damage by 59% for 10 seconds for both players. Alternatively you may choose Triage: heal ally with a skill to reduce skill cooldowns by 15%.

Weapon Talents

In general weapon talents are not very important for the performance of this build. Of course they may improve it a little but you may go with weapon talents you like.

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