The Division Challenge Mode: Full Guide

Challenge Mode is an extra difficulty level in The Division. It becomes available only after you reach 30th level. It’s a part of end-game content that allows you to replay every main mission at higher difficulty. This mode is a great challenge! It will bring you a lot of fun and great rewards.


Here is a list of core differences between Normal and Challenge Mode:

  • Enemies are much stronger! When you select this mode you will face with stronger enemies which can resist damage much better and can deal much more damage to you. All your enemies will have level 32!
  • There will be more enemies. For example you will meet new hostile NPCs that don’t appear in this mission on any other difficulty.
  • Better Loot! Enemies in Challenge mode drop better items than enemies in Hard mode! (this feature was added in a patch 1.0.2)
  • You receive extra reward: Phoenix Credits for replaying missions on Challenge difficulty. These Phoenix Credits are very useful. Find out more here:  The Division Phoenix Credits: Farming and Tips

Challenge Mode


You will need a team in order to survive. Playing this mode solo is a real pain. You will be killed very fast and it’s much better to find a team. You can do this using Matchmaking but it will be much better if you have some friends to team up with.

Here is what your team must have in order to beat the mission:

  • Gear: all your teammates must have at least Purple items. Enemies are strong and you will be taking a lot of damage. If your gear is poor you will be killed pretty fast even if you have a team. It’s recommended to have some High-end items for better survivability and damage.
  • Skills: every member should have at least one basic healing ability. This will make it easier to survive when you are in trouble. At least two members must have flashbang sticky grenades or flamethrower turrets in order to benefit from the most useful debuffs in the game:  burning and disorientation. These debuffs are great because they stop NPCs from moving and attacking. This will help you a lot!
  • Weapons: every member should have submachine gun or assault rifle for high DPS. Your healer may go with a sniper rifle in order to stay behind your team and support it.


Now you have a team of strong allies. It’s time to fight. Every encounter at Challenge Mode will be a small or sometimes big challenge. That’s why here are some tips you must follow:

Don’t rush! It’s better to move slowly in order to confront small groups of enemies rather than engaging in large encounters. Hostile NPCs are really strong!

Use benefits of the map. It’s better to return to a comfortable position and fight there rather than attempting to beat enemies without paying attention to your position.

Try to keep distance. If enemies come too close – retreat. It’s always better to take down enemies from distance rather than fighting with them face to face. Your primary targets are those who rush towards you. They gave shotguns and melee weapons. Shotguns are strong and deal tons of damage.

Group leader should always mark primary target. This will allow to focus all the fire on one single enemy and take him down fast. After he is defeated another hostile must be marked. Thus you will be killing NPCs one by one very fast.

Always use different covers. Enemies deal a lot of damage and if you stay uncovered you may be killed fast. Or you healer will have to work a lot. It’s better to stay behind the cover and fight smart.


  • It’s recommended to take the best possible pistol you can find. Pistols have infinite ammo and may sometimes save your life.

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