The Division: Dark Zone Complete Guide

One of the most interesting features in Tom Clancy's The Division is that you can play against other players in separate PvP area called Dark Zone. This zone is located in the center of the game map. Why you may want to visit it? Because the best items in the game can be found only there. Cool gear is not the only reason to visit the area. You will also have a lot of fun playing against real humans.

When you enter this zone the game places you on a special server where you and other players can explore, complete missions, fight in PvP and search for amazing gear. Right now there is no information about the quantity of real players that can be in the same PvP location.

About DZ

This area is located in the middle of Manhattan. It is surrounded with walls to stop the virus from spreading. You can enter it using special decontamination chambers. Unlike other game locations you will have to wear gas mask there in order to survive.

You don’t only fight against other players there. If you wish you can find different quests. The missions will supply you with cool gear and valuable experience.

Dark Zone Rank and Leveling

When you enter PvP area you will see a Dark Zone Vendor. He sells some superior quality equipment and blueprints. The prices are set in DZ Funds, which can be obtained in the Dark Zone. These items also have a Rank requirement.

Pay Attention: DZ rank differs from your actual level. These scales are independent. If you die in DZ you don’t lose your actual rank. You lose only your DZ rank and the items you picked up. Your Rank can be increased by earning DZ XP. You receive Dark Zone Experience when you kill NPCs and other players in this area.

Dark Zone Vendor

If you wish to find out more about progression in the game read our guide: The Division: Leveling and Progression System. You will understand the difference between leveling in PvP zone and other areas of the game.


There are 2 types of enemies in this location. Traditional NPCs controlled by different scripts and real players. Real players are called Agents. They may be your friends or your enemies (or friends in the beginning and enemies later on).

When you see a skull near enemy’s health bar that means he is at least 5 levels higher than you and you may be in trouble if you attack this guy. Such enemies are tough. It’s better to find an area where enemies have lower level. You can use map for this.


Agent is another real player. You can team up with other agents or fight against them. A group can consist of maximum 4 members. Nobody will force you to unite; you can play alone if you wish. But it’s much more difficult to survive. Any group always has advantage over lone warrior.

When you meet an Agent (another real player) you may team up with this guy or attack him. You can even show him that you wish to be his friend and then betray and kill him. That’s what PvP in The Division is about: every player can become your enemy any time. That’s why it’s very important to pick allies carefully.

All above is not only about single Agents but also about groups of players. When you see a team of friendly players approaching don’t trust them fully. All agents are friendly by default but they can start attacking you any time, especially if you have loot.

Rogue Protocol

Attacking other agents marks you as a Rogue to all agents for a brief period of time. If you are in a group, your entire group will be marked. When you are a rogue all other agents can see your position. That’s why you should pay attention to when to attack other Agents and when to pass by. The image below shows a group of players marked as Rogues. They have skulls with timer. The timer shows the time untill this status ends.

Group of Rogues

Killing a Rogue is rewarded and dying as a Rogue is harshly penalized! Every additional player you kill while Rogue increases your Rogue stage (5 max) and the bounty on your head. Survive until the end of the rogue timer and the bounty is yours! If you are killed the bounty will be given to the player who killed you.

A Rogue is a very attractive person to kill not only because of the bounty. Another reason to kill him is that he may carry something valuable. He became a rogue because he attacked an Agent, probably killed him and took his loot. You may kill him and take these items without being penalized.

Note: when you attack rogue you don’t become rogue. You get this status only if you attack other Agents.

How to get rid of Rogue Status? You need to avoid killing other players for a period of time. You will see a special timer that displays the time left before you become normal agent. Just avoid other players and you will be OK.

Items and Looting Rules

All encounters in the game have one goal: to obtain other players’ loot. The best items in the game can be found in this area. But other players can kill you and take your loot anytime.

Looting Rules: all items found in the Dark Zone are contaminated. These items are stored in your Dark Zone Inventory. You can’t exit the zone with these items and they must be extracted and decontaminated before you can equip them. If you are killed enemy may take your uncleaned loot. Items, found in other game areas can’t be lost. Decontaminated items can’t also be lost.

If there is a yellow bag hanging on the back of an Agent that means he has loot. You can’t see what’s there but you know that there is something that may be interesting. You may try to kill him and take the loot. This is the most important part of the gameplay in PvP zone.

Loot Bag


The only way is to extract and decontaminate items is to visit special Extraction Areas on the map. When you travel in DZ you will sometimes see a popup message telling “Extraction Area is found”. This is where you need to go to save your found items.

When you arrive to Extraction area you will see a special mark. Approach this mark and start extraction process. It will take 1 minute and 30 seconds before special helicopter arrives and you will have chance to decontaminate your collected items.

Pay attention: Extracting contaminated items reveals your position to other agents. All players can see that you wish to save something and you may be suddenly attacked. It’s like a signal “Hey guys, I have something valuable”. Be warry of Rogues!

When you are waiting for helicopter you may get attacked by groups of NPCs. They will try to defeat you (or your team). You may also be attacked by other players or rogues. That’s why it’s important to get prepared for a fight before starting Extraction.

After 1 minute 30 seconds is passed a special helicopter will arrive. It will drop a rope and you will have 60 seconds to attach your loot to this rope. If everything is OK and you attached your loot to the rope, it is saved.

But if other Agent kills you before you have attached items to the rope, he can take your loot and decontaminate it right after this! That’s why it’s recommended to pay strong attention to this part of the game.

Extracted items can be found in the Base of Operation stash under the Extracted tab. You can also find a stash in the Safe Houses. If you wish to find out more about how to save loot read: How to extract items in The Division?

Base of Operations

The Base of Operations is your foothold in Manhattan. You can upgrade this base. Upgrading the 3 wings of the base unlocks access to new skills and perks. Complete Medical, Security and Tech missions to earn wing upgrade points.

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