The Division: Dark Zone Containers and Access Keys

Dark Zone is a special PvP area where the best items in the game can be obtained. The items can be purchased from traders, crafted or found as loot in different containers. In this guide we will tell you about Dark Zone Containers and Keys for unlocking them. By the way, if you don't know what's the difference between PvP area and other locations in The Division read our Dark Zone Guide.

When you travel and explore PvP area you will be finding different secured or hidden places. Look around, there may be some containers with loot inside. Here are 3 types of chests you will meet in The Division:

  • Small Containers. They can be opened without any keys or rank requirements. They usually contain good items inside and any player can open them.
  • Average Containers. They require you to meet rank requirements before you can open them. For example you may find a chest that requires player to have 30th rank. If your rank is lower you can’t open it. But if you meet the requirement – feel free to open.
  • Containers that require Keys. That’s the sweetest chests. They are usually located behind groups of high level  enemies. You need to have Dark Zone Keys in order to open such chests. High rarity loot is usually stored there.

As you see different crates have different opening rules. But all of them are 100% worth looking for. If you see a chest you must try to open it. If you don’t have key, remember the position of the chest and return back later.


Where to get Access Keys?

If you go to your inventory and open Pouches tab you will see how many keys you currently have. They are used for opening special crates and if you have no you’d better get some. They can be found in the Dark Zone only!

You can receive Access Keys as a drop from:

  • High level enemies. DZ is full of different bosses. These guys are usually tough to kill but they may reward you with great loot and Access Keys.
  • Other players if they were carrying them. When a player dies in a Dark Zone he loses 3 things: some DZ credits (cash), some Rank and Access Keys (if he was carrying them). The amount of keys a player can lose depends on his Rogue Stage. If he was at the highest 5th stage he may lose 2 or even 3 keys! That’s why you should always hunt Rogues. Killing them may reward you with a bunch of useful things.

Containers Respawn

Many players are asking about how long it takes for a container to respawn. Right now there is no information about this.

Do the containers respawn at the same places? It looks like yes. They respawn at the same places.


  • Keep in mind that dying as a Rogue may result in losing some keys. Try to survive.  
  • Crates are usually secured by groups of high level enemies. If you see such group there is a probability that a chest is behind them.

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