The Division: Dark Zone Rank Explained

Dark Zone Rank is a part of progression system in The Division. This guide will tell you about this PvP experience scale. You will understand what for it is required, how to gain and lose it and how to benefit from it.

When you play in PvP area you don’t earn traditional experience. You earn Dark Zone Rank instead. You receive it for all the actions there: killing NPCs, completing missions, exploring territories, killing other agents and so on.

Dark Zone Rank is not connected with your level! It’s an independent scale that is used for displaying your progress within PvP area, while level shows your overall progress within the whole game. You may have a character with 18th level and 30th Dark Zone Rank!

Dark Zone Vendors

The Division is all about receiving better gear. The best items can be received in Dark Zone only. You can loot them from NPCs, loot from other players or purchase from special vendors.

Dark Zone Vendors sell the best gear in the game. They sell very strong high rarity items. When you purchase an item from such trader you don’t need to extract it! You can use it right after transaction! But there is one thing that may restrict you: every item such traders sell has Dark Zone Rank requirement! And that’s why you may wish to boost your rank. If you don’t meet rank requirement you can’t purchase certain items.

For example you may see a very cool rifle at vendor’s store. This rifle may require you to have 8th level to equip it and 12th rank to purchase it. If your rank is not high enough you will not be able to purchase this rifle. But if your rank is high enough – you are free to purchase the item even if you don’t meet level requirement!

Dark Zone Rank affects your possibility to purchase this or that item from Dark Zone Vendors.It doesn’t affect your possibility to equip items! Once the item is purchased Rank requirement is no longer important and you can equip it even if your rank drops later on!

Rank Requirement

Is it so important?

You may decide that this scale is not very important. Trading is not the only way of receiving cool stuff… And on the one hand that’s correct. But here are 3 main reasons to pay strong attention to this scale:

  • It’s possible to survive without interacting with DZ Vendors. But looting items from NPCs and other players may take ages, while purchasing is a faster way of getting what you really need.
  • The second reason to trade is that you earn special DZ Credits while you are in DZ. It’s a separate currency you receive from PvP and other actions. The only way to spend it is to visit Dark Zone vendors and purchase stuff there. You have the currency, why not to spend it?
  • The third reason is that such traders offer amazing items with great characteristics. It’s a very fast way to increase strength of your character. You may purchase items with highest rarity and become much stronger.

How to Earn / Lose DZ Rank?

Yes, the Rank is not static. You may either gain it or lose it depending on your success in PvP.

  • You receive it every time you kill NPCs or other Agents in a Dark Zone.
  • You lose it every time someone kills you. (You don’t lose your actual level, only rank)

There is one thing you need to keep in mind:the amount of the DZ experience you lose upon death depends on your Rogue stage. The higher your stage is, the more XP you lose. If you are not a rogue you will lose only some XP but if you are at the highest rogue stage the penalty will be heavy!

If you kill Rogue agent with high Rogue stage you receive a lot of XP for this. That’s why hunting rogues is always profitable. You may receive not only large piece of his Rank but also some loot, credits and keys that can be used for accessing special chests.

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