The Division: Leveling and Progression System

In RPG games level of your character affects its strength a lot. The Division is not an exception. The higher rank you have the more powerful you are and the getter gear you can use. The game has traditional progression system. There are 30 levels in total. You need to earn experience points in order to progress. You earn XP for different actions like killing enemies, completing missions and other actions.

Reasons to Level Up

When you advance you receive access to new technologies, modifications and talents. You unlock new slots for your skills, you unlock new skill upgrades and so on.

When you receive level up your Archetype Attributes also grow. In a demo video one of the characters received new level and his attributes were increased by 2 points each. Archetype Attributes affect your overall strength and skills cooldowns:

  • Pointman – bonus to offensive skill cooldowns
  • Tactician – bonus to all Tactician skills cooldown
  • Survivalist – bonus on support skills cooldowns



Skills in the game are very important. You can unlock new skills and new skill upgrades when you advance. For example new upgrades can transform your turret into a firing machine.  It will be burning enemies with flame.


Perks unlock specific opportunities for your character. You don’t need to trigger them every time. You just receive a perk and it works passively. Every perk brings its own benefits and conveniences. For example you can increase the number of materials you can carry. The more perks you have, the stronger you are. Unlocking all the perks is directly tied to your mission progress. That’s why you should pay attention to questing.

Dark Zone Rank

The Division is not only RPG. As you probably know it’s also MMO game where you can play against other real players. There is a dedicated PvP area called Dark Zone and the progression there differs from your progression in RPG zones.

Dark Zone Rank system is separated from your actual rank. You earn DZ experience when you play in PvP area of the game. You don’t earn this type of experience while playing in other zones!

There is a very important reason to increase this rank: you receive access to superior equipment, upgrades and blueprints at special vendors. Gear plays very important role in The Division and this will allow you to upgrade your equipment and become stronger.

Pay Attention: unlike your actual experience that can’t be lost, your Dark Zone experience is not permanent. You can lose it! You earn DZ experience when you kill other Agents and you lose DZ experience when someone kills you.

Dying as a Rogue Agent is heavily penalized. If you die as a Rogue you lose a lot of Dark Zone XP depending on your Rogue Stage. The higher the stage the more XP you lose. A player who kills you receives all the XP you lose and extra bounty. That’s why being a Rogue is always dangerous.

Dark Zone is all about risk versus reward. You need to pay strong attention to when to go rogue and when to play as a nice guy.

When you are below 30th level DZ is separated into different areas. Each area has NPCs with different levels. When you hit maximum level — level 30 – the Dark Zone will be repopulated with new enemies. They will be stronger and will fit your strength. After this the zone will no longer be segmented. You will be able to return to the places you have already explore and meet new enemies, get new loot and crafting matrials.

Gas Mask – Item for Progression

Gas Mask is a very important item for progression in Dark Zone. There are different areas with different contamination level. Simple mask allows you to resist basic contamination, but there are areas where the contamination level is too high. If you enter such areas having simple mask you will die soon. That’s why you will need to upgrade your mask in order to access new DZ areas.


  • There are different ways to earn more experience from killing enemies. The game rewards you when you are fast and accurate. You receive more XP for: Headshots, Multikills, Special Kills, Elite Kills.
  • Pay attention to your Rogue Status when you PvP! If you are at 5th Rogue Stage you will lose a lot of Experience if you die!

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