The Division Leveling Tips: How to gain XP faster?

When you are playing The Division your primary goal is to reach maximum level as fast as possible. That’s because this will help you to go to the Dark Zone and dominate other players there. Dark Zone is the only PvP area in the game and if your character is strong you will have a lot of fun playing against other guys. This guide will tell you some tips and tricks that will help you to level up in the Division faster.

Leveling in RPG game is pretty simple. All the things you do give you experience. Completing encounter, mission, finding different objects and so on will give you XP. Bu there are ways to increase Experience gains and progress faster.

Missions and Quests

Story Missions is your primary source of Experience points: you receive XP for killing enemies, you explore the world and interact with different objects and of course you receive great XP reward for completing quest.

It’s also important to pay attention to Wings missions. As you know your Base of Operations has 3 Wings. Upgrading these wings unlocks new skills new skills, mods and upgrades. But you need to get special Supplies in order to purchase these upgrades. For example Medical Wing needs Medical Supplies. Supplies can be received from special missions. These special quests give not only required Supplies but also experience for leveling.

It’s recommended to complete all the missions you have access to.


One of the most unusual features in The Division is that you can choose the difficulty of quests before you accept them. Normal difficulty is for those who are not strong enough, but we recommend to select Hard difficulty. That’s because hard mode gives much more rewards: more XP, supplies, credits and items. All this stuff will help you to progress faster.

Moreover, you can replay quests for as many times as you wish and this Hard mode can be selected every time. This strategy can become your #1 source of credits and gear, especially in the beginning.

Missions Difficulty

Increasing XP gains

There is one trick that will help you to get permanent increase of experience gains. You need to set up your base of operations and upgrade your security wing. This will unlock Situation Room perk that increase XP gained from all activities by 10%!

Some players may think that this 10% bonus is not important, but that’s wrong! 10% bonus works for all the Experience you receive regardless the source! And that’s why it’s great. A player without this perk gets 1000 while you receive 1100 for the same mission. All things being equal, this perk allows you to level up 10% faster.

Helping Civilians

When you explore the world you will meet many civilians who need help. They may ask you for a medkit of for some food. If you wish you can help them. These small interactions will provide you with small XP gains. But though the reward is not big, such interactions require only 10 seconds in total. Of course this will not change your leveling speed dramatically but will impact your progress. Especially if you take into account 10% XP bonus from Situation Room perk!


Gera plays important role in the game because it affects strength of your hero.  Your gear may give you bonus to experience you receive. For example something like “5% Bonus to experience from kills”. Such item will affect the speed of your progression.

Leveling in Dark Zone

Leveling in Dark Zone is different. There is independent scale of your progress called Dark Zone Rank. This Rank grows when you play in PvP area. We advise to visit DZ after you boost your normal level a little bit. There are 2 main reason for this:

  • The first reason is that every DZ item has high Level requirements. If your level is too small you will not be able to benefit from DZ vendor.
  • The second reason is because when your level is high you may skip some starting DZ areas and go for example to 3rd location. Fighting with stronger enemies there will boost your Rank very fast.

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