The Division Phoenix Credits: Farming and Tips

Phoenix Credits is one of main currencies in the Division. It’s used for purchasing High-End weapons, gear and blueprints. This currency is for the end-game and can be obtained and spent after player reaches 30th level. Maximum amount of the PC you can have is 1000 and they are shared between all the characters on your account meaning all characters above 30th level can use it.

Farming Requirements: you have to be level 30. That’s end game credits and low level characters can’t receive them.

Phoenix Credits

Where to Get?

There are several ways of farming Phoenix Credits:

  • When you complete main missions on Challenging Difficulty you will receive one time reward with 30 credits. This works once per every mission. Don’t forget that not all the missions have Challenge difficulty level.
  • Daily / Weekly Missions: Every daily mission you complete on hard mode will give you 15 Phoenix Credits upon completion. You will also gain some from the boss.  Challenge difficulty will reward you with 20 Credits.
  • Bosses: You can complete side mission and the boss has a chance to drop some Phoenix Credits. The amount of PC every boss drops is low, usually 1-4.

As you see the best option for getting PC in the beginning is missions. You need to complete all the quests on Challenging Difficulty. Then you may want to start farming daily quests. After this you may want to hunt named enemies and get some credits from them.

As the currency is account wide and can be shared between all the characters you can use all your characters for farming. If you have multiple high level characters you can complete daily missions multiple times with every character and thus gain more credits.

Where to Spend?

You can spend Phoenix Credits for purchasing weapons, gear and blueprints from special vendors. One vendor is located at the Base of Operations and the other one is located at the Dark Zone. The items you purchase from these vendors are one of the best in the Division.

Pay Attention: purchasing items from these vendors may require you to meet Dark Zone rank requirements. For example the coolest items may require you to have 50th DZ rank! This rank requirement is for purchasing only. After you have purchased the item it is no longer important and you can use this item even if your DZ rank drops..


  • Find a team. With a good team you will be able to farm the credits from Named Enemies faster. If you don’t want to team you can farm the currency solo. This will be more difficult but still possible.

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