Vector 45 ACP: The Best SMG!

Submachine Gun or SMG is a great primary weapon for both PvP and PvE encounters. All of them have natural critical hit chance bonus (about +25%). It’s great to use them when you need to deal a lot of damage fast at average distance. This guide will tell you about the best SMG in The Division: Vector 45 ACP. Right now it’s the best Submachine Gun you can find.

  • Title: Vector 45 ACP Submachine Gun
  • Rarity: High-End
  • Damage: 11073-12374 (depends on gear, varies for different players)
  • RPM: 750
  • Magazine Size: 37
  • Weapon Talents: 3 random talents
  • Mods: 5 slots for mods: Optics, Skin, Magazine, Underbarrel and Muzzle.

The image below shows basic model of Vector 45 ACP without any mods.

Vector 45 ACP

Where to get?

As you know there are several ways of getting High-end weapon in The Division: buy, loot from bosses or craft.

  • Purchasing: I don’t have information about if it’s possible to buy this weapon from any vendor in the dame. Maybe it’s possible but keep in mind that assortment of any vendor refreshes regularly. So you will have to wait. The second reason to avoid purchasing is that you will most likely buy Vector 45 ACP with average stats.  That’s because of crafting randomness. Vendors don’t sell perfect weapon every time. Chances to purchase great item are small.
  • Looting: It’s not the best idea to try to loot this weapon from bosses. It will take a lot of time and maybe you will never receive it as a drop. Moreover, even if you succeed the chance of receiving weapon with best possible characteristics are low.
  • Crafting: it’s the best possible way of getting Vector. The reason for this: you will be able to use blueprint many times until you get what you exactly need: best weapon with the best stats and talents. You will have to recraft it many times but the result will definitely satisfy you.


The fastest way of getting Vector 45 ACP blueprint is to buy it from Special Gear Vendor at the Base of Operations. He is located in Tech Wing.

Requirements: you need to be level 30 in order to purchase this blueprint. It will cost you 154 Phoenix Credits. This is end-game currency. If you know nothing about this read our guide: The Division Phoenix Credits: Farming and Tips.

Vector 45 ACP Blueprint

The blueprint will require 5 pieces of Weapon Parts and 3 pieces of Tools (both High-end rarity). It will not require any Division Tech material so it’s pretty easy to make.

After you have the blueprint go to your crafting station and start crafting. If you are lucky enough you will get what you need fast.

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