Viruses Eating Guide

Virus is the most dangerous object in Agario. It allows you to destroy other players very fast. But your enemies can also use viruses shooting them to your cell. This may take you down from the leaderboard. You should pay strong attention to the position of surrounding threats on the battlefield in order to avoid troubles.

But there is a way to destroy this threat. Fortunately the game allows players to eat viruses. Eating means not only destroying these dangerous objects but also consuming their mass. Yes guys, you can consume mass of the viruses around you and thus grow. This guide will tell you all information about this.

Please note: this guide is not about destroying dangerous balls. Destroying is simple. If your cell is a little bit larger it can destroy threat but will not be able to consume it. The guide is about eating these dangerous objects and growing.

What for?

Every eaten virus will give you about 140 mass! Yes, you don’t need to eat other players to grow. You can use these dangerous green cells to boost your mass.

Pay attention: the game has special restrictions for those who wish to grow using this strategy only. You first 6 viruses will give you about 140 mass, then the boost size will decrease and you will be receiving less mass. Right now you can benefit from 12 viruses only. If you continue eating you will not get extra mass. You can receive about 1000 extra mass in total. Don’t forget this fact.

Eating Requirements

Not every cell can eat. There are special requirements:

  • Your agar must have at least 600 mass.
  • Your agar must be spitted into 16 parts, otherwise it will just destroy virus without eating its mass.
  • There must be many viruses around you. There is no reason to risk when you can’t get good boost.
  • There must not be enemy cells near your agar. Or you may be eaten very fast.

How to eat?

First of all you must understand that Agario game has limit of parts your cell may consist of. You can have 16 parts max simultaneously. After you reach this level you can’t split any more. Your space key will not work.

This is the basics for eating. Once you reach the limit you will be able to consume viruses instead of just destroying them. This is how the game works.

When you have 16 parts and one of your cells is larger than virus you can eat viruses consuming their mass with this large part (this part can't be exploded because of the limit). This may be rather good source for growth.

Eating Virus

There is one very important thing you should always keep in mind. When you have 16 parts your agar is weak. You will become #1 goal for many players. Most of surrounding enemies will start hunting you and you can be eaten very fast by a larger cell. That’s why this method works great if there are few players on the server. If there are a lot of players it will be very difficult to escape and you will be eaten.

This method of growth is risky! Don’t use it if there are many players on the server!

Strategy — How to Act?

You start the game as a small cell. Your goal is to collect at least 600 mass. Once you reach this goal you need to find a place where many viruses can be found. Then you need to split into 16 parts using space key (or virus cells). After you do this make sure you have many small parts and one large. If all your parts are small use W key to move the mass to one part. It should be about 200 and you will use it for eating. Start consuming green viruses with your large part.

Once you eat 12 green balls try to eat one more and if you see that you don’t receive extra mass stop the attempts. Wait until your parts unite and start hunting players.

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