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McCree is one of the heroes in Overwatch. His real name is Jesse McCree and he is a cowboy. As any other cowboy he wears a hat and a good 6 bullets revolver which he uses to take down his foes. He also has ability to stun enemies with flashbang and can use combat roll to avoid danger. This guide will tell you how to play with this hero, how to use his skills in time and how to dominate.
  • Health: 200
  • Weapon: pistol
  • Ammo: 6 bullets
If you like the abilities and powers of this guy it will take you some time to master the hero. Most of his abilities require perfect reaction and good judgement for timing. If you like to play shooters you will not have troubles while playing.


Peacekeeper Peacekeeper [LMB] [RMB]Main weapon of the hero is cowboy pistol with 6 bullets. Press Left Mouse Button to shoot enemy once (70 damage). The attack can deal headshot damage. Accuracy is great for close and medium range combat. If you press Right Mouse Button McCree will shot multiple bullets very fast! This will empty the weapon and will lead to reloading. If the ammo is full hero will shot 6 times dealing 6 x 70 = 420 damage. You can also use this ability with less ammo but you will deal less damage. The number of shots depend on how many bullets you have in your pistol. This ability can be used when enemy is going to escape with low health for finishing him fast. It can’t deal headshot damage. Though the attack sped is very fast the accuracy is poor which makes the skill useless at high range. But it’s extremely powerful and deadly if you are close to the enemy. If your gun is full and you land shot all the shots enemy will die or will be very close to death.
Combat Roll Combat Roll [SHIFT]Hero performs special combat role which moves him fast in selected direction and reloads his gun to full ammo. This skill is extremely useful when you are in trouble. You are much more difficult to shot when you use the ability. Cooldown 8 seconds. Many players use the ability for fast reloading. That’s not always the best way of using it. The cooldown is pretty lengthy and sometimes it’s much better to save it for getting to cover fast.
Flashbang Flashbang [E]It is core controlling ability of McCree which makes him great in duels. He drops a flashbang into the enemy dealing 25 damage and stunning him for short period of time. Cooldown 10 seconds. Though the ability has great stunning effect, the throwing radius is rather small. You should keep this in mind while playing.  
Deadeye Deadeye [Q] (Ultimate Ability)Jesse McCree concentrates and aims all enemies in his line of sight. Every enemy receives a bullseye mark with dot in the center. This aiming process takes several moments. He moves very slow and can’t use other skills while this mode is active. After this you can press LMB to shoot all of the aimed targets. The most important feature to know is that the damage dealt depends on how long enemies stay in McCree's vision while he was aiming. Red dot in the center of bullseye shows how much damage each enemy will receive. The dot grows and if it stops growing that means enemy will die after you click fire button. The target will not be killed if it’s protected by barrier or buffed for extra health. Every shot during this Deadeye ability is treated like regular revolver shot. If the enemy stands behind the barrier he will not receive damage. This ability can be interrupted by a stun. You can cancel the ability while aiming by pressing RMB. In this case a portion of Ultimate will be charged. This also happens when the hero stays in aiming mode for too long without pressing fire button or if he dies while the skill is active. Deadeye requires recharging as any other Ultimate Ability in Overwatch. You can recharge it by either dealing or taking damage.  


Flashbang + Peacekeeper: One of the weak points of Peacekeeper is accuracy. If the enemy moves fast it’s difficult to deal high damage with this skill. Fortunately you can use Flashbang to change situation. Stuns enemy with a flashbang first and use 6 bullets attack of Peacekeeper while target stays and can’t escape. This combo is perfect for dealing insane damage without receiving a single shot.
Flashbang + Deadeye: general minus of Deadeye skill is that it can be interrupted or you may be killed before you damage enemy. It doesn’t make you invulnerable. Moreover, McCree becomes attractive target while he is aiming because he is slow in this mode. Flashbang may help you to solve this problem. Stun the enemy first and then use Deadeye while the foe can’t move and react.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Every hero is great for a certain role. McCree is great for 1 vs 1 duels. If you know how to throw Flashbang you will have a great advantage over your opponent. The short stun provides player with enough time for Peacekeeper which will decrease HP of the opponent fast. After this use Combat Roll for fast recharging and you are ready to continue the duel.
General weakness of the cowboy is that he doesn’t have good mobility skills. He can deal high damage but he can’t move very fast if it’s required.


  • Tracer
  • Hanzo
  • Widowmaker
  • Pharah
  • Soldier: 76

Tips and Secrets

  • Attack the target with your LMB if it is far from you. Basic attack has rather good accuracy and thus your chances to hit are higher. Save your RMB rapid attacks for close distance.
  • All the skills of McCree are for dealing damage. He doesn’t have abilities for increasing mobility. That’s why try to keep close to a tank or support hero.

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