Overwatch: Ultimate Abilities

Ultimate Abilities in Overwatch are very powerful skills that allow to kill multiple enemies fast. This guide will tell how to use these powers and what’s the difference between them and other skills.
Every hero in Overwatch has only one Ultimate Skill! The main difference of this ability from others is that it is very powerful. If it is used in time you can take down many foes very fast. Different heroes have different ultimate mechanics. Some receive new powers, some perform rapid shots and so on. But all of them can destroy several heroes within seconds. You can secure multiple kills very fast!
Ultimate Abilities

How to Use?

Using this powerful attack is simple. All you need is to wait for perfect moment and activate it in time. This may sound simple but most of the abilities require perfect timing. For example McCree’s ultimate Deadeye slows down the hero and requires some time for aiming. McCree becomes very easy to destroy. This is the weakness. But if you do everything in time you will be able to deal high damage to your enemies.


Keep in mind that most of the Ultimates can be interrupted. When the ability is used the hero receives extra powers, but he doesn’t gain full damage resistance or immunity to stun. He can be killed and thus the skill will be interrupted!


As you know most of the regular abilities of your character have colldown period. That means you have to wait for some time after you use them. But Ultimates don’t have cooldown; they need to be recharged!
You have to recharge your Ultimate Energy after you use such skill. You can do it by either attacking other players or taking damage. If you want to recover the energy fast you have to participate in combat! You have to engage in battles!
There is one thing you should know: this energy doesn’t recover over time. If you just run around and don’t participate in encounters you will not be able to gain it.
Once you have enough energy you will see that icon of the skill starts to glow. This special visual indicator allows you to see that you can benefit from the most powerful attack of your hero right now.

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